Pokemon Fighting Game Getting Blaziken As Playable Character

By | 1 year ago 

As long as the Super Smash Bros. series has existed, fans have often wondered what a standalone Pokemon fighting game would be like. At long last, players will finally be able to see how well those once-lofty aspirations pan out in Pokken Tournament. The Pocket Monster-fueled beat ’em up is being overseen by the creator of Tekken, Katsuhiro Harada, which has gotten many fight fans chomping at the bit for more information about it.

One aspect in particular that gamers are eager to learn is just which Pokemon will occupy the game’s roster. With a grand total of eight previously confirmed creatures ready to rumble, there’s still sure to be more controllable challengers yet to surface. Knowing that fans want to see more, Nintendo has just confirmed another opponent that’s all fired up to join the fray in Pokken Tournament.

As is evident by the title of this article, the beast is none other than the fully evolved Blaziken. Setting aside the popularity surrounding the Pokemon, the character makes perfect sense as a playable fighter. The trailer alone seems to confirm this hypothesis, as the Fighting/Fire-type can be seen punishing foes with a combination of kicks, fire-based projectiles, and even transforming into Mega Blaziken in the trailer’s final moments. Suffice to say, the mascot’s inclusion seems perfect in its execution.

Pokemon Fighting Game Blaziken Pokken Tournament

Blaziken joins the likes of other popular Pokes such as the recently announced Charizard and the fan-voted Gengar, bringing the accumulative number of playable characters to nine. Despite this, many are speculating that there will be even more monsters joining Pokken Tournament, but it’s hard to say which other creatures Nintendo and Bandai Namco have planned for the title.

Given the fact that it’s slated to be an arcade game, however, it’s likely that further combatants will be saved for a console release. While the title is currently only set to arrive in Japanese arcades, the arrival of a port on the Wii U seems like an obvious next step for both Bandai Namco and The Pokemon Company. If and when that happens, gamers in North America will then finally be able to try out Blaziken for themselves, but it could still be a bit of a wait before then.

Do you think Blaziken is a solid addition to Pokken Tournament? What other Pokemon would you like to see join the roster? Get at us in the comments.

Pokken Tournament is set to arrive in Japanese arcades on July 16, 2015.