Pokimane Asks Fans to Stop Requesting Bath Water After Belle Delphine Stunt

pokimane bath water belle delphine

Recently,  "Gamer Girl" Belle Delphine began selling her bath water for $30 a jar online and even managed to sell out of her stock. This is likely due to her massive social media following that she accrued over time by cosplaying video game characters and pulling off bizarre stunts, with the aforementioned bath water just being the latest and perhaps biggest stunt. In fact, it seems as if Delphine's decision to sell bath water isn't just affecting her, as it has inspired people to ask other Internet personalities, like Twitch streamer and YouTuber Pokimane, for their used bath water as well.

Pokimane's request itself is done with a lighthearted sense of humor, but with the popularity of the Belle Delphine bath water story online, there's little doubt she received serious requests for bath water. The Twitch streamer stated in her request, as seen below, that she takes showers and, therefore, would have no bath water to sell. In the comments, people are (hopefully) jokingly asking for used mouthwash, drainage hair, or other methods of collecting shower water.

This lighthearted response from Pokimane is to be appreciated, as many know that Belle Delphine is somewhat satirical in nature. But although this bathwater stunt wasn't likely to be taken so seriously, as Delphine was selling to her "thirsty" fans, that doesn't mean she didn't make some serious cash off of it.

At $30/jar, some in the online community has speculated that Delphine has made over $44,000 if she used a standard 70-gallon bath. Those who purchased some of Belle Delphine's used bath water tried to make some money off it as well, with some secondhand jars showing up on eBay marked up by hundreds, and in some cases, thousands of dollars. Unfortunately for anyone trying to make a buck off Belle Delphine's bath water stunt, though, eBay has since removed the Belle Delphine bath water listings.

The likeliest scenario is that this whole internet craze blows over in the next couple of weeks or when Delphine moves on to her next stunt.

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