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Poker with Bob iOS

After working on blockbusters such as Transformers and Terminator, as well as triple-A games like Halo 3, what's the next step? Building a game for iOS of course! At least that's what Hollywood animator Dustin Adair did with Poker with Bob.

Poker with Bob is a five-card draw poker game featuring Bob, a lip-synced and 3D animated opponent. There are five levels within the game, each upgrading the environment, Bob's appearance, as well as increased difficulty and stake. The game also has a full poker tutorial and multiplayer for local gameplay.Adair's expertise in animation is proven in Poker with Bob. The sense of sitting at the table is reflected in the perspective of Bob's movements, dealing the cards, tossing chips and leaning over the table. Bob's facial features are fluid as well, syncing successfully with each word.There is also a subtle addition to add to the 3D. With use of the accelerometer, there is a slight environment tilt that enhances the perspective by shifting the background as well as Bob as if you were leaning while sitting at the table.

The gameplay is pretty simple, whether you are a poker pro or a beginner. Without making it feel like a walkthrough, Bob guides you through with questions for your next move. All of your options are easily located on the screen, from what you'd like to bet or whether you'd like to call or fold. After each hand is revealed, Bob's hand is compared right above your hand. You always have the option to view qualifying hands in the options menu while in-game if you aren't a poker aficionado.

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The game isn't perfect, however. Bob seems to have a limited set of lines, so he gets a little repetitive after awhile. Although the game doesn't need to be like TellTale GamesPoker Night at the Inventory, it would be nice for more variety to enhance the immersion. Also, limiting the multiplayer to local bluetooth is a bit of a bummer, as it would be great to connect with friends over 3G or wifi. The good news is that these aren't game-breaking negatives and could easily be included in a future update.

All in all, Poker with Bob is a welcomed addition to poker games on the iOS platform. It definitely stands out in the crowd amongst the rest with the quality animation and playability. With the tutorial, easy to jump in-and-out style and level challenges, Poker with Bob is a great choice for anyone looking for a casual game for their iOS device.

Poker with Bob is available now in the iOS app store for $0.99.

Our Rating:

4 star out of 5 (Excellent)
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