With Pokemon Yellow now officially available on the Nintendo 3DS, we’ve made a guide detailing how to catch one of the original three starter Pokemon – Charmander.

As any aspiring Pokemon Master has come to realize, catching ’em all is a rather challenging task in the original pair of games. Indeed, with one-off starter monsters only being made available by owning a second version of the same game solely for trading purposes, it can become challenging and expensive to secure all of the beasts. Fortunately, Pokemon Yellow has done away with that by allowing fans to obtain every single one of them by completing tasks and talking to trainers. The only catch is that they can be easily missed.

Fortunately, the Fire-type Charmander is a rather easy one to get, as it’s simply given to you without any strings attached. The only problem that stems from getting it is that it’s possible to completely overlook the creature – condemning it to life in a Pokeball in the process. To ensure that this never happens, we’ve put together a brief guide detailing how to add the beloved beast to your team in Pokemon Yellow.

Without any further ado, let’s catch a Charmander!

Step 1: Go to Cerulean City

Pokemon Yellow Cerulean City

This town comes about during an average playthrough, as it’s the fourth one featured within the game. Those unsure of where the city is, though, may recall that it’s found just after traversing through the labyrinth that is Mt. Moon. If that doesn’t ring any bells, then Cerulean City may be better known as the area that has the Water-type trainer Misty as its gym leader.

Step 2: Defeat Your Rival and the Nugget Bridge Trainers

Pokemon Yellow Nugget Bridge

Heading North of the city, you’ll encounter your rival near the Nugget Bridge on Route 24. This crossing is also loaded with other trainers looking for a fight, and you’ll have to take them all out in order to get to the other side. This serves as a great place to train your existing team of Pocket Monsters, and will get your closer to your final, Fire-type inspired objective. Those that accomplish this task will even be handed a Nugget for their trouble – something that can be sold to a Pokemart for a high price.

Step 3: Talk to the Trainer on Route 24

Pokemon Yellow Charmander

Once you’ve defeated all of the trainers and crossed Nugget Bridge, simply head left down Route 24. Those that do this will see a person standing near an item on the top left side of the path. Talking to the individual, he’ll inform you that he’s awful at training Pokemon and would like to find someone better than him to train his Charmander. At this point, he’ll ask you if you want it. Simply say ‘yes’ and the beast will be yours!

This is one of the easier Pokemon to get, but adding Charmander to your team early on will ensure that you have a solid Fire-type for battles later in the game. Since players will be able to transfer these creatures to Pokemon Sun and Moon, there’s definitely a reason to capture it on the 3DS version of Pokemon Yellow for use later on.

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How are you enjoying Pokemon Yellow so far? Did you manage to add Charmander to your party? Get at us in the comments.