It was reported earlier last week that a new Pokemon game announcement could be coming sometime in May, and now it seems that the identity of the new pocket monster title may have been revealed. This new game seems to be none other than a remake of the well-known title, Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness, which originally released back in 2005 on the Nintendo Gamecube.

If images that have allegedly been leaked are the real deal, then Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness will indeed be coming to the Nintendo 3DS at some point in the future.

These scans are said to have been in an unreleased Japanese magazine that has already shipped to those who have a subscription, but won’t be available on shelves for a few more weeks. The images show off the main protagonist of the original Gale of Darkness, as well as the infamous machine used to take Pokemon away from their less-than-satisfactory trainers. These images are certainly interesting, and they are sure to ignite the nostalgia within the hearts of any fan of the game.

You can check out the “leaked” scans from the Japanese magazine below.

There is one thing that doesn’t quite seem right and right off the bat that make these images seem like they are fakes. The big thing that screams fake in this “reveal” is the blue circle pad on the Nintendo 3DS unit in the picture, because the circle pad only matched the color of the 3DS unit in the E3 build and not on the final retail design. You’d assume that Nintendo would take the liberty to upgrade the image of the 3DS that was holding their newly revealed game.

Of course, Nintendo could have just used an older image of their portable in the big magazine reveal by mistake, and the older design was thrown in by accident in order to give fans a taste of what to expect the game to look like while running on the handheld. Agate Village’s appearance in the images could also suggest that there will either be bonus content, or that maybe players will receive both Pokemon Coliseum and Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness in a single 3DS game. One thing is for sure, if these images are real then Pokemon fans will be in for a 3D-filled treat in the very near future.

More information on the next Pokemon game should become available sometime next month.

Do you think the images are legit? Would you buy Pokemon XD: Gale of Darkness for the 3DS?

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Source:  Nintendo 3DS blog