Nintendo has finally pulled the curtain off of the big Pokemon announcement that it has been teasing since last week, and it’s as substantial as many fans have been hoping for. 3DS owners can now expect the first pair of games to land on their handheld later this year in the form of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. These titles will kick off the sixth generation of core Pokemon adventure games, and they’ll be ditching the all too familiar 2D sprites in favour of fully 3D characters, areas, and creatures.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are the first ever installments in the immensely popular franchise to abandon the use of a color in the title, opting instead to utilize letters from the alphabet. To accompany the new method of naming games, there will also be several never before seen creatures inhabiting the new world that this sixth generation takes place in. Five (including the classic fire, water, and grass starters) have been revealed thus far, and they’ll likely be met with scrutiny by fans in the same fashion that all new Pokemon traditionally are.

Gamers can look forward to choosing from the grass-type Chespin, the fire-type Fennekin, or the water-type Froakie when they boot up their copies for the first time. Meanwhile, after glancing at the two new legendary monsters (both of which are currently without a name), it becomes obvious that each creature is shaped after the letter featured prominently at the end of each title.

While the legendaries don’t look all that intimidating, the debut trailer for Pokemon X and Y certainly does a great job highlighting the new 3D battles that can be found in the games; something that players have desired for a long time. Even the unnamed world on display during the footage helps paint the picture that this is a very different adventure than what followers of the franchise have grown accustomed to.

Another first for the series that’ll be occurring with Pokemon X and Y is that the games are scheduled to launch around the world this October. Pokemon fans across the globe have grown to expect Pocket Monster titles to be available in Japan for several months before making their way overseas, but now trainers all over the world can jump right into the action at roughly the same time.

Stay tuned to Game Rant to catch more details on the newly announced Pokemon X and Pokemon Y as soon as they’re revealed.

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