There’s a lot for Nintendo to gain and lose at this year’s E3. The company has already announced that it won’t be hosting a traditional press conference this year, and will instead be airing a Nintendo Direct which will highlight several upcoming games for its Wii U and 3DS platforms. One of Ninty’s larger properties, Pokemon, traditionally skips out on E3 in favor of doing its own thing, but this year the forthcoming Pokemon X and Y will be basked in the ever-present glow of the show’s spotlight.

The pair of Pocket Monster titles will receive their own Q&A session during the year’s E3; in an isolated event similar to the initial Nintendo Direct presentation that unveiled the games. The Pokemon-dedicated Q&A will be held following a brief presentation of Pokemon X and Y. This presentation and sequential question and answer portion will commence on June 11th at 6pm Pacific time, last roughly 90 minutes, and feature Game Freak‘s own Junichi Masuda and Tsunekazu Ishihara.

It’s unknown if this presentation will be broadcast to the legions of fans who’d kill to have a chance to attend the round table, but the Big N did release something to tide fans over with in the meantime. Accompanying the announcement are five brand new screenshots for Pokemon X and Pokemon Y, each showing off several different scenarios that players will definitely come across within the new titles.

Pokemon X Y Starter Selection

Whether it’s a trainer selecting their new starter Pokemon, catching the newly unveiled Fletchling, or simply checking up on a Pokemon’s stats, these new screenshots have eager trainers covered. The graphics are a noticeable step up from other installments in the series, something many fans were already well aware of, and the dynamic camera angles during battle will definitely make confrontations (and captures) a little more entertaining to witness.

As for what to expect from the Pokemon X and Y presentation at E3 2013, a release date is a safe bet, and maybe even a few new Pokemon will be revealed. Game Rant will be in full force during this year’s E3, so stay tuned for exclusive coverage when the big event kicks off on June 10th, and possibly some new details on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y following the games’ round table discussion on the 11th.

Pokemon X and Y can be captured on the Nintendo 3DS this October.

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Source: SerebiiONM