'Pokemon X' and 'Y' are Fastest 3DS Titles to 1 Million Units

Pokemon X Y Fastest 3DS Sales

With over 700 species of Pokémon now scattered across several hugely popular releases, one wouldn't blame even the most loyal fans for failing to "catch 'em all." Yet, the drive seems to be continually present in the hearts of the Poke-faithful, to the point that each subsequent Pokémon release outdoes its predecessor.

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that Pokémon X and Y, the latest dual entries in the franchise, are best sellers as well. Nintendo today announced that Game Freak and The Pokémon Company's latest has become the fastest 3DS title to 1 million units sold.

Once again, the Pokémon franchise is showing its prowess, proving that despite a familiar framework iteration after iteration, demand is still high for these games. In fact, this is the 9th Pokémon title to sell 1 million units in its first month, and that's not separating the dual releases either.

For comparison, Pokémon X and Y hit the 1 million mark in just one day, whereas popular 3DS titles like Mario Kart 7 and Super Mario 3D Land took several weeks to hit that same mark. The release also helped spur 3DS sales, which jumped 135% post Poke-launch.

For a few additional stats on Pokémon X and Y's tremendous achievement, check out the infographic below:

Pokemon X Y Sales Infographic

Pokémon X and Y offer several incentives for long-time fans to pick up this year's release, including new mega-evolutions for some fan-favorite, legacy Pokémon and 3D battles. Granted, the game didn't take advantage of the 3DS' capabilities from top to bottom, but the battle animations and evolutions are a joy to witness in 3D.

Unfortunately, many of those 1 million+ gamers experienced some early troubles with the game, specifically a save bug in Lumiose City. Thankfully, Game Freak has since patched in a fix for the bug, but many gamers affected were left having to start over.

Nevertheless, the Pokémon brand is still going strong and is showing no sign of letting up. Some might say the base formula needs some radical changes, but it's hard to argue that point when the games are still breaking records.

Were you one of the 1 million 3DS owners that picked up a copy of Pokémon X and Y? How does the title rank among the other Pokémon releases?


Source: Nintendo

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