‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’ Only Use 3D During Battles

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It’ll be less than a month until trainers set off on a new adventure in the Kalos region. Yes, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are almost upon fans of the franchise, and with the titles come new monsters to capture, a new region to explore, and 3D viewing options that are only capable on the Nintendo 3DS. While the games will both utilize the glasses-less 3D aspects of the portable, the latest commercial for the next pair of core iterations of the Pocket Monster series has confirmed that 3D won’t be supported everywhere in the games.

As spotted by an eagle-eyed gamer on NeoGAF, the latest North American commercial for Pokemon X and Y features a brief warning for parents suggesting that they “use Parental Controls to restrict 3D mode for children 6 and under,” but more surprising was the revelation that this is a “2D game with some 3D gameplay.” Another GAF user chimed in stating that only the battles featured in Pokemon X and Y utilized the 3D capabilities of Nintendo’s handheld, while the games’ overworld could only run in standard 2D; something that he could confirm based on his hands-on time with games.

“Sorry to burst your bubble but I played the demo and can confirm 100% 3D is only used in battles, not the overworld. I’d like to add 3D causes framedrops if you use moves with a lot of effects, no problems in 2D though.”

This news comes as a surprise given how prominent 3D has been used in past Nintendo 3DS games, but The Pokemon Company and the Big N can’t be without their reasons. Given that the Nintendo 2DS is scheduled to launch alongside both Pokemon X and Y next month, it doesn’t make much sense to have the feature play a prominent role in the software. If it’s true that 3D causes framedrops during the battles then maybe the titles are better with it turned off to begin with.

Regardless, there are still plenty of other features in the new games for diehard fans to enjoy — with Mega Evolutions perhaps being the most significant — and the wait is almost over.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y hit the Nintendo 3DS this October 12th.

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Source: NeoGAF