In honor of the 20th anniversary of Pokemon, Nintendo has announced that the legendary Pocket Monster Jirachi is now available to download for avid trainers.

As many fans are probably well aware by now, 2016 marks the 20th anniversary of Nintendo’s beloved Pokemon franchise. Given that this birthdate marks the debut of Pokemon Red and Green versions in Japan, The Pokemon Company has been doing a number of different things in order to keep fans celebrating this milestone. One of the ways the developer has gone about this is by releasing a new rare and Legendary Pokemon for download each and every month. Last month was Celebi, and this time it’s Jirachi’s turn.

The Mythical Pokemon is known for granting wishes within the lore surrounding the Pokemon franchise, which is convenient if one of those wishes pertains to finally capturing this elusive creature. The level 100 beast comes equipped with the attacks Wish, Confusion, and Rest – none of which are overwhelmingly powerful for those looking for a competitive edge. Still, it’s worth adding given the creature’s rarity at the very least.

The official trailer that kicks off the month of Jirachi is available below in all of its Pokétastic glory.

Those wondering how to go about downloading the creature should know that it really isn’t all that challenging. All that’s required is a copy of either Pokemon X or Y – or one of the more recent pair of games in Pokemon Omega Ruby or Alpha Sapphire – a Nintendo 3DS handheld, and a wireless internet connection. Once those requirements have been met, users need only go to the ‘Mystery Gift’ option on the main menu, head over to ‘Receive Gift’, and then select the final ‘Get Via Internet’. Once there, Jirachi should pop right up.

Truthfully, releasing a new Mythical Pokemon for download every month is a cool way of keeping fans engaged in the Pocket Monster series. Other ways Nintendo has gone about celebrating the big 20th anniversary have been equally as entertaining, with the re-releases of Red, Blue and Yellow on the 3DS Virtual Console taking the cake for many. Of course, it’s all building up to the arrival of Pokemon Sun and Moon later this year, which should give fans even more to enjoy.

There are still a number of other Legendary Pokemon left to be doled out in the coming months, with Manaphy scheduled to be the next. Still, those hoping to secure Jirachi will have to do so soon, as the monster will be taken down on April 24.

Will you be downloading Jirachi on your copy of Pokemon? Which monsters do you still need to round out your Pokedex? Get at us in the comments.