It didn’t take long for The Pokemon Company to pull the transparent veil off its “new” Pokemon. After teasing a new monster that was mysteriously linked to Mewtwo less than two weeks ago, Nintendo has finally let the giant genetic cat monster out of the bag. It turns out that the new creature isn’t really new at all, but is instead simply a never-before-seen form of the pre-existing Legendary Mewtwo.

This missing link between Mewtwo and its new form was officially established in an animated clip with content from the upcoming film Extreme Speed Genesect: Mewtwo Awakens. It’s in this clip (which we’ve featured above for your convenience) that Mewtwo takes on an entirely new look, presumably growing in power and providing trainers with a myriad of different options during battle.

According to the full length Japanese trailer for the film, this change in form for the Legendary Pokemon is being called Awakened Mewtwo. Other than the official name for Mewtwo’s newly discovered shapeshifting ability fitting in perfectly with the subtitle of the actual film, there’s still a chance that its title could change before Pokemon X and Pokemon Y make their way overseas and into areas outside of Japan.

Pokemon X Y Awakened Mewtwo Form

The official confirmation that the Pokemon isn’t Mewthree, but instead just another form of a well-established Poke-powerhouse, will definitely be disappointing to those who were hoping it was an entirely new beast. Still, it’ll be nice to have Mewtwo once again thrown into the limelight as the origins of its new form unravel and it unleashes its power across the new region featured in Pokemon X and Y.

It’ll be a difficult wait for 3DS owners hoping to get their hands on the upcoming Pocket Monster titles, but it’ll hopefully end up being worth the wait. In the meantime, dedicated fans can check out Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity — although we did have a few issues with it in our review.

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Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be available on the Nintendo 3DS this October.