Originally spotted in an issue of CoroCoro magazine, The Pokemon Company has finally spilled the beans on a new feature in Pokemon X and Pokemon Y called Mega Evolutions. First shown off as an alternate form for the Legendary known as Mewtwo, it’s now been confirmed that other pre-existing monsters will also be getting special forms that push them past their final evolutions and grant them even more power.

So far The Pokemon Company has only confirmed that Mewtwo and Lucario will be receiving obtainable Mega forms in-game, but plenty of other Pokes will also be getting their own alternate and more powerful evolutions. The method in which some creatures will be able to change form and access their untapped hidden potential comes with the arrival of a new item called a Mega Stone.

Each Mega Stone is uniquely named after the particular monster it’s compatible with (i.e. the Mega Stone that’ll transform Lucario is called Lucarionite), but each transformation will only last the span of the battle — meaning Pokemon who do reach their Mega Forms will revert back to normal after finishing a fight.

Mega Mewtwo and Mega Lucario can both be obtained in Pokemon X and Y, but the third Pokemon that was revealed, Mega Blaziken, is lacking the Blazikenite that’s required to access the form. Fortunately, Game Freak will be rewarding loyal fans with a chance to add Mega Blaziken to their team for a limited time, and that opportunity will come in the form (no pun intended) of a special Wi-Fi character distribution event. Trainers need only boot up their copy of Pokemon X or Y beginning October 12th, connect to Wi-Fi, and they’ll be given the chance to download a special Torchic that comes equipped with the aforementioned Blazikenite and a special ability called Speed Boost.

If that weren’t enough, new details regarding three new Pokemon were also released. The first new critter looks to be this generation’s Pikachu and it’s an Electric/Fairy-type that’ll be going by the name Dedenne from here on out. It also has the new ability Cheek Pouch, which allows it to gain additional health from berries it consumes, and a new move called Nuzzle that’ll simultaneously hurt and paralyze enemies.

Accompanying Dedenne are two other monsters: the bunny-inspired Bunnelby and a Grass-type goat known as Skiddo. Bunnelby is a Normal-type that can learn the infamous Dig attack as a result of its massive shovel-like ears. Skiddo, on the other hand, is the pre-evolved form of the previously announced Gogoat, and (like its evolution) it too is capable of allowing trainers to ride it.

With an abundance of new Pokemon set to make their debut in X and Y, players will need a way of upping each creatures’ stats to stay competitive; this is where Super Training comes into play. Super Training provides trainers a means of powering up their team while out of battle, and can increase their base stats pertaining to HP, Attack, Defense, Sp. Atk, Sp. Def, and Speed. This is sure to become a controversial feature for tournament players, but one that’ll allow casual players to compete with other trainers and Gym Leaders in-game.

Speaking of Gym Leaders, Korrina is the latest femme fatale that trainers will encounter during their adventure in the Kalos region. The rollerskating-centric vixen runs the gym in Shalour City — a town that’s also home to something known as the Tower of Mastery. It’s said that this mysterious tower has something to do with the Mega Evolutions that appear in the games, and the ominous building’s connection to these creatures’ newfound evolution will assuredly be revealed during the campaign in Pokemon X and Y.

Japanese gaming mag CoroCoro previously revealed that Mawhile, Ampharos, and Absol will also be receiving Mega forms, but The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are keeping tight-lipped on which other pocket monsters will be chosen to receive a Mega Evolution. There will almost certainly be more, but for now all fans can do is speculate as to which creatures they’ll be.

Which Pokemon do you want to receive a Mega Evolution, Ranters? What do you think of the newly unveiled Pokemon and Super Training?

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y can be caught exclusively on the Nintendo 3DS worldwide this October 12th.

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