Praise Pikachu, The ‘Pokemon X’ and ‘Y’ Save Bug is Officially Patched

By | 3 years ago 

Pokemon X Y Lumiose City Patch

When Poke-fans got their hands on Pokemon X & Y, ready to catch ‘em all, a save file-corrupting bug was probably not one of the things any of those players were eager to nab. However, that’s exactly what some were reporting after saving in the Lumiose City area of the 3DS exclusive. However, trainers everywhere can now breathe a sigh of relief as the game has officially been patched, leaving even the mean streets of Lumiose City safe for all.

It was indeed likely a long week for those unwilling to risk running into the issue, and understandably so as the bug caused the game to freeze when trying to load a save, leaving players to restart the game. As a core exclusive for the 3DS, and as a title that was able to move over 4 million units in just two days, this easily ranks as one of, if not the, highest profile bugs to ever hit a Nintendo product. Being a title that prides itself on having the ability to let players form a bond with their favorite tiny monster or monsters, it’s easy to see how losing a save file in Pokemon X & Y could be quite a downer for some players.

Luckily, the folks at Game Freak were able to get this patch out in a timely fashion, and the mass of devoted Pokemon fans can get back to gaming in peace. All it takes is a quick download via the eShop, and everyone can start mega-evolving their way to victory.

Soul crushing malfunctions aside, the transition from 2D to a fully realized three-dimensional entry has been a successful one for the main series. Our own review was not only very positive regarding the host of new features that X & Y offer, but also went so far as to state that both games are “the 3D Pokemon games that fans have been waiting all of these years for.”

Hopefully, all the turbulence with Pokemon X & Y is now behind players, and trainers will one day recount stories to their grandkids of the Great Poke-Scare of 2013.

Were all of you able to get the patch successfully? Is anyone having trouble even after getting the update? Sound off below.

Source: NintendoLife