Pokemon X Y Honedge

There hasn’t been any shortage of new Pokemon reveals as of late from the likes of Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. E3 2013 saw a plethora of new details on Pokemon X and Pokemon Y released, as well as several never-before-seen monsters unveiled, but fans were well aware that there are still many more new Pokes yet to be ousted for the new pair of games. In an effort to keep enthusiasm for the titles building as wannabe trainers collectively wait for the new installments, yet another new monster has been announced.

Revealed during the Japan Expo in Paris by none other than Pokemon X and Y director Junichi Masuda, the latest Pokemon has officially been given the moniker of Honedge. The new creature is a Ghost/Steel type Pokemon that’s taken on the form of a very cool looking and very giant sword, but it’s the back story behind this collectible monster that’s a little unsettling.

According to the official press release, Honedge comes into the realm of existence when the spirit of a deceased individual possesses a sword. If the fact that the now animate armament actually contained the soul of a once living creature weren’t enough, then its ability to use the blue cloth attached to it as an arm may strike some as off-putting. It can also drain energy from unsuspecting wielders who aren’t aware the sword is possessed, which easily puts Honedge in contention for Game Rant‘s list of the 10 most disturbing Pokemon.

Despite its creepy origins, this new Ghost/Steel type is capable of learning the move ‘Swords Dance’; which those familiar with the franchise will know is a Normal-type move that greatly builds the user’s attack power. This will help out trainers who find themselves up against stronger foes with a lot of HP — provided they can weather a barrage of enemy attacks.

Overall, Honedge looks like a solid addition to the Pokemon X and Y roster, and it could very well find a place in many players’ teams — provided its stats are up to snuff.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are set to appear on the Nintendo 3DS this October 12th.

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