At long last Pokemon X and Y have landed on the Nintendo 3DS, and some fans have likely been going crazy in an effort to catch all 718 monsters in the new pair of games. There’s plenty of major upgrades to the titles (read Game Rant‘s review for more information pertaining to those upgrades) and players should be more than content with them for quite some time. While venturing through the new versions, however, gamers have discovered multiple pieces of dialogue that appear to be hinting at potential Pokemon Ruby and Pokemon Sapphire remakes at some point down the road.

Spotted in large by a Twitter account known as Operation Hoenn, the fan-run handle has been tweeting evidence taken from Pokemon X and Y supporting hopes that Game Freak will remake the Game Boy Advance classics. It turns out that a number of characters from the games talk about Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire‘s Hoenn region, and off-handedly mention a few of the recognizable landmarks that can be found throughout.

Much of the dialogue could just be taken as a nostalgic bonus for those familiar with the series and corresponding games, but there’s one conversation in particular that seems to hint strongly that the games are en route to the Nintendo 3DS. When speaking with a traveler who’s checked into one of the many hotels featured throughout X and Y‘s Kalos region, the weary traveler informs players that the area isn’t nearly as nice as his home region — before teasing that users “will see it in due time.”

Provided that he is indeed referring to the Hoenn region, the facility that the man is likely talking about would be none other than the Battle Frontier. Those familiar with Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire will recall that the Battle Frontier is unlocked after players are crowned Pokemon League Champion, allowing them to continue battling stronger opponents long after the need to defeat the Elite Four has been put to rest.

Fans began clamouring for remakes of Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire shortly after the arrival of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2. Given that the originals accumulatively sold more games than any other title on Game Boy Advance, there’s very little reason for The Pokemon Company not to begin working on the games. At this point, remakes of the games appear to be more of an inevitability than anything else, although, whether or not they’ll tie into the confirmed design changes of franchise mascot Pikachu remains to be seen.

Do you think the dialogue is strong enough evidence to suggest that Pokemon Ruby and Sapphire remakes are on the way? Would you buy the games if they are released?

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Source: @OperationHoenn (via Kotaku)