Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have really begun revving up hype for the arrival of Pokemon X and Pokemon Y later this October, and the onslaught of announcements doesn’t appear to be fading at any point in the near future. The latest announcement came in the form of the new Pokemon Honedge, a possessed sword that will be making its debut in the upcoming batch of games, but today the companies have proven that they still have plenty up their sleeves.

A plethora of new details have hit regarding Pokemon X and Pokemon Y‘s new monsters, baddies, professor, and gym leaders — resulting in an overload of information that’ll keep wannabe Pokemon Masters in check for the time being. The first bit of information pertains to the Legendary Pokemon featured on the box art of both games — Xerneas and Yveltal.

According to the press release, Xerneas is of the newly confirmed Fairy-type variety and is fully loaded with a new move called Geomancy, which is a devastating attack that shoots rainbows out of the ground and at foes. The monster also has an ability called Fairy Aura which increases the power of Fairy-type attacks for both sides. Yveltal, on the other hand, is a Dark/Flying-type that knows a killer attack called Oblivion Wing. It also comes pre-equipped with the Dark Aura ability — which will power up the attacks of Dark-type moves for friend and foe alike.

On top of new details about previously revealed creatures, The Pokemon Company has announced five new monsters that’ll be making their debut in Pokemon X and Y. The first will look familiar to those who’ve already seen the previously announced Pancham, as it’s none other than that creature’s evolved form — Pangoro. This massive panda is a Fighting/Dark-type Pokemon that’s capable of unleashing a ridiculously powerful attack called Hammer Arm that’ll inflict immense damage at the cost of the user’s speed.

Another squid-like creature called Inkay was announced, and it’s a Psychic/Dark-type that’s renown for its Topsy-Turvy attack. This move instantly reverses all of the stat changes that have been executed on an opponent, setting them up for an easy knockout. Inkay’s evolved form, Malamar, was also shown off, and it knows the move Hypnosis, which should help a number of trainers catch wild Pokemon and annoy their opponents.

The last pair of Pocket Monsters that were showcased were the two Fairy-types Swirlix and Spritzee. Swirlex is a cotton candy-esque creature that comes equipped with the new ability Sweet Veil — which will prevent Pokemon on the same team from falling asleep — making it ideal for double battles, and it can also learn a new Fairy-type move, Draining Kiss, that will inflict damage on the enemy and heal the user. Meanwhile, Spritzee is the “perfume” Pokemon (although it looks more like a bird than a fragrance) and it can unleash a Grass-type move, Aromatherapy, that’ll heal all status conditions of allied Pokemon.

These two Pokemon, along with the previously announced Skrelp and Clauncher, will be version exclusives. Swirlix and Clauncher can only be obtained for those with copies of Pokemon X, while Skrelp and Spritzee will be limited to Pokemon Y owners.

Along with new critters, there will be quite a few new faces appearing in the Kalos Region. The new faction that’ll presumably be up to no good in Pokemon X and Y is known as Team Flare, and they have outfits and hairstyles equally as wacky as their name would imply. Fortunately, Professor Augustine Sycamore will see to it that players are properly equipped with the right Pokemon for taking on just such a pack of scoundrels. Professor Sycamore will also supply players with a monster that’ll help them defeat the two new gym leaders that have just been revealed — Grant (the fitness guru) and Clemont (the young inventor that’s accompanied by his sister, Bonnie).

Moving along, Pokemon X and Pokemon Y will be introducing a new mechanic called O-Powers. Based on the official press release’s description, O-Powers are “special powers that come in various forms and can be shared between players via the new Player Search System, or PSS.” Obtaining O-Powers is as easy as clicking on someone you’ve StreetPassed with or met online, and they can do anything from temporarily increasing a Pokemon’s stats, to making it easier to catch wild Pokémon, to increasing EXP gained in battle.

Last, but far from least, another new feature being introduced in the pair of Pokemon titles is Wonder Trade. This feature will enable gamers to instantly trade a Pokemon to someone else in the world at random, meaning that players have no idea what they’ll be receiving. It’s easy to see this system getting severely bogged down with the likes of Bidoof, but maybe Game Freak has worked out away to prevent gamers from spamming Wonder Trade with an abundance of lacklustre monsters.

Pokemon X and Y appears on store shelves this October 12th, exclusively on Nintendo 3DS.

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