Wait and you shall receive. Details have been lacking lately for the forthcoming Pokemon X and Pokemon Y games, and Nintendo is certainly taking its time gingerly teasing every new piece of info on the pair of titles. All gamers have wanted is a look at a few more of the 6th generation creatures that they’ll have a chance to capture later this year, but only five of the Pokemon debuting in Pokemon X and Y have been shown… until today that is.

Yesterday we reported that new details on Pokemon X and Y would be arriving within the week, and less than 24 hours later they’ve appeared like a wild monster sauntering around in the tall grass. The Pokemon fan site Serebii has posted leaked scans of the latest issue of CoroCoro magazine, and they show off a brand new evolution of the all too familiar Eevee.

The creature’s name has been translated as Ninfia, although, that’s almost certainly going to change before the latest eeveelution makes its way over to territories outside of Japan. Other than Ninfia’s appearance and weight/height (1.0m and 23.5kg for those curious), The Pokemon Company isn’t talking about any of the details surrounding the latest addition to the world of Pokemon.

Pokemon X Y Scans

For the time being, the developer is keeping the creature’s type and method of capture a complete secret. This could mean that Ninfia is an entirely new type — something the series hasn’t seen since the original Pokemon Gold and Silver — and if that’s the case then fans may finally get a chance to see an often speculated upon Light-type. That said, it’s more likely that the monster is a Normal or even Flying-type.

Many longtime fans are also well aware that Eevee forms traditionally have appeared in pairs, so it’ll be interesting to see how Game Freak goes about incorporating the new Eevee evolution(s) into X and Y.

UPDATE: The Pokemon Company has announced the official name for Eevee’s new evolution in North America. Instead of Ninfia, trainers can expect the monster to be known as Sylveon when Pokemon X and Y wash up on North American shores later this year.

Pokemon X and Pokemon Y are scheduled to launch on the Nintendo 3DS later this October.

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Source: Serebii