'Pokemon': Score Diancie and a Shiny Gengar at GameStop

Pokemon X Y Shiny Gengar Diancie GameStop

The eternal quest to catch 'em all has been ongoing since Pokemon Red and Blue made their debut on the Game Boy back in 1998, and The Pokemon Company isn't likely to let up on "discovering" more monsters at any point in the near future.

Despite the very premise of attempting to secure each and every Pocket Monster a near unfathomable task at this point in time, it's still nice when Nintendo opts to throw fans a bone in the form of a rare Pokemon. The Big N will be doing just that with a new promotion through GameStop in North America and GAME in the U.K. that'll see codes for a shiny Gengar and Diancie distributed to eager gamers.

The first monster up to bat will be a shiny Gengar, which is already very rare to begin with, but it will also be holding a Gengarite Mega Stone. This will allow the powerful spectre to Mega Evolve and dole out even more damage. The giveaway will kick off on October 13 and will run until October 26 (October 15th to November 5th for U.K. consumers).

After the alternatively colored Ghost-type's time is up, the legendary and long unobtainable Diancie will be made available. Beginning on October 27 and running until November 16 (November 6th to November 28th for the U.K.), fans can finally add the creature to their Pokedex. Diancie will also be on the receiving end of a Mega Evolution in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire, making it a worthwhile addition to any fan's game.

All trainers have to do to add these beasts to their in-game collection is grab a special code card from the clerk of a participating GameStop and GAME store, enter the code into their copy of Pokemon X or Y, and they'll be gifted the Pocket Monster immediately. It's as simple as that.

It's unknown if and when Diancie will be made available again after this promotion has run its course, so diehard Pokemon fans will want to make sure they capitalize on the giveaway before it comes to an end. Of course, a shiny Mega Gengar also isn't something to scoff at and, suffice to say, it makes for the perfect Pokemon to be battling with during the month of Halloween.

Will you be heading to your local GameStop or GAME to get download codes for either of these Pokemon? Let us know in the comments!



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