Although there is a robust single player campaign for Pokémon X and Y players to enjoy, many might want to also expand their experience through the games’ multiplayer offering. But those choose to do so should beware: there’s a fairly nasty exploit making the rounds.

Apparently, this exploit uses a PC tool called a “Battle Analyzer” to scan a player’s “hand,” and see which Pokémon they typically use in online battles. It’s not a guaranteed instant-win, but it does provide users with a significant advantage.

Essentially, the Battle Analyzer software functions like a wireless hotspot, intercepting an opponent’s data before it is directed to the user’s home 3DS. It’s a fairly smart piece of software, aside from the less-than-honorable usefulness of course.

If, for example, a player tends to build their Pokémon X or Y teams around fire type, then their opponent can swap in a water type team. On its face, it might seem like bad luck that a player runs into their biggest weakness in an opposing team, but it’s actually just plain old cheating.

Additionally, with the Battle Analyzer, users cannot only see an opponent’s online Pokémon team, they can also see which types of attacks each Pokémon typically uses. That feature isn’t as useful, but still works towards providing an additional advantage to the user.

Pokemon X Y Battle Analyzer

Granted, not everyone uses Battle Analyzer, in fact we reason only a small selection of gamers are even aware of the exploit, but its existence is still something Game Freak will need to respond to. We wouldn’t be surprise if, like the Lumiose City save bug, the developer was quick to react with a game patch.

The one piece of good news is that, although the Battle Analyzer has been proven effective, it isn’t 100% accurate. Some users have not been able to see an opponents’ complete Pokémon line-up, although they can still see most of their Pocket Monsters.

If Pokémon X and Y were structured completely around the online experience, this Battle Analyzer exploit might be a more pressing matter. As it stands, though, it’s still a sore spot on one of the 3DS’ fastest selling game‘s resume. We’ll keep you posted if and when Game Freak addresses the exploit.

Have you encountered any online opponents who seemed like they were using the Battle Analyzer? Have you yourself used the Battle Analyzer?

Source: NeoGAF