‘Pokemon X’ & ‘Y’ 2DS Bundle Appearing in Europe

By | 3 years ago 

There’s been no hiding the immense success that Nintendo has had with Pokemon X and Pokemon Y. The games quickly became the fastest 3DS game to hit 1 million units sold within the span of 24 hours — effectively selling upwards of four million globally within two days — and there doesn’t appear to be any signs that sales of the blockbuster games will be slowing at any point in the near future. In fact, Nintendo is getting ready for another Holiday-timed push with a brand new 2DS Bundle.

First spotted by in a European flyer by Nintendo aficionado Daan Koopman, the Big N plans on providing fans who’ve yet to dive into Pokemon X and Y two different bundles. The bundles’ existence was first confirmed in South Korea, which made many fans hopeful for a debut in other territories as well, and now reports are coming in that multiple Dutch retailers (Toys XL and Intertoys, respectively) have begun receiving these limited 2DS bundles.

These two separate bundles come in different colors and include different versions of the latest Pokemon game. Those looking to snag Pokemon X will have to settle with a red and white 2DS or vice-versa, while consumers with a preference for Pokemon Y will net the very stylish black and blue 2DS model. Provided that hopeful players weren’t too keen on having a 3D-enabled handheld (an aspect Game Rant felt was under-utilized in our review), these are a great option for gamers.

Now that these SKUs are essentially confirmed for release outside of South Korea, the question now turns to whether or not these bundles will make their way over to North America. It seems highly likely — especially given how Pokemon X and Y launched alongside the 2DS on October 12, 2013 — but there’s currently no shortage of appealing 3DS bundles up for grabs. With that in mind, it’s hard to say whether Nintendo even needs to bundle the games with the 2DS, but there’s no question that the option would be a popular item in the buildup to the Holidays.

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Source: @NintenDaan & GoNintendo (via Nintendo Life)