10 Pokémon With The Intimidate Ability, Ranked

The ability intimidate is a great one in the Pokémon world. It allows the user to lower the attack stat of opposing Pokémon by one stage every time they switch in, which can easily help the team be able to survive hits from the target. There are many Pokémon that have this ability, and today we'll be ranking them. No, not on their competitive viability, but based on how Intimidate actually suits the Pokémon, or just how funny it is. Let's get into it.

10 Masquerain

What about this thing is threatening? It doesn't even have arms. It has eyelashes. In what world are you ever going to be intimidated by Masquerain? No worlds, that's the real tea. Honestly though, props to Masquerain. It decided that it wanted to be threatening, and it did. Clearly there's a reason that God of Time Dialga has its attack stat lowered when it switches into battle against Masquerain. Maybe it's blackmailing all other Pokémon with some sort of knowledge only it knows. Lower your attack stat or all will be revealed, other Pokémon.

9 Mightyena

Of course Mightyena has Intimidate. But like, it's just kind of basic. Mightyena is, in reality, just a very, very agro wolf that could probably break any human in half just by looking at it. Yeah, ok, sure. That's fine and all, but we want our Intimidate users to bring something new to the table. We want an interesting design that intimidates the others. Maybe some sort of hair that is also a mouth, that's really something that would be intimidating to see. Too bad there's none of that in the Pokémon world, though.

8 Mawile

Guys! Guys! The mouth hair woman is real! Realistically, Mawile might be exactly one foot tall, but it's still a pretty threatening Pokémon when it gets down to it. What are you going to do when you see a one-foot tall woman with an entire second mouth doubling as an Ariana Grande-style high ponytail coming toward you? What will you do? You'll be intimidated, that's what. This just makes sense. Mawile, you've certainly earned your place as an Intimidate user.

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7 Luxray

Luxray might seem like it's in the same camp as Mighteyana as just a big ol' wolf boy, but it has a lot more going for it for a couple of reasons. To start, it's like, 45 feet tall or something, absolutely not okay. Second of all, this thing can harness the power of electricity to just decimate anything that comes near it. Mighteyana just has sharp teeth. Luxray is a danger to everyone around it, and you'd never expect it to come from cute little Shinx. Intimidate really fits this Pokémon.

6 Qwilfish

You know what... no. Absolutely not. How are you going to say that this thing is intimidating? Who's frightened? Y'all, the pufferfish with a fantastic set of lips is here, we'd better get out of here before it really shows us what's what. There are a few Pokémon on this list that don't really fit Intimidate, but an argument can be made for them. This thing is, what even is the opposite of cross-eyed? Its eyes are going in two completely separate directions at all times. Can it even see what it's trying to intimidate? This one is just so dumb that it has to make it onto the list out of sheer idiocy. You're doing great Qwilfish. Keep killing it.

5 Snubbull

Ok this one is actually kind of an arguable one? In the anime and games, Snubbull is a stupid pink idiot wearing a frilly dress. Perfect. In the Detective Pikachu movie, however, yike. Big yike. I can see why Snubbull is out here intimidating the competition, who wouldn't feel at the very least uncomfortable around this thing? Add in the fact that it is seemingly always upset at everything and you've got a recipe for an unpleasant experience with Snubbull.

4 Arcanine

Well, yeah, this is reasonable. Arcanine is a seven-foot maniac that won't hesitate to decimate anything that looks at it. Intimidate is a great fit for Arcanine. VGC 2017, which only allowed the Alolan Dex, was a great year for Arcanine. He was the strongest Pokémon in the region with Intimidate. The effect is even more prominent in doubles, as it takes down the attack stat of both opposing Pokémon. He was a mainstay on every single team that year. Arcanine has more than proved itself as a prominent user of Intimidate.

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3 Gyarados

Gyarados is the size of a small mountain, and it's also the Loch Ness monster. Intimidation just comes with the territory here. You'd be a fool to not be intimidated by Gyarados. This is what fight or flight responses were made for. Human evolution was preparing for encountering a beast like this. Be very, very afraid. Oh, oops. Those last few lines were actually supposed to be in the Qwilfish entry. Never mind! Either way, Gyarados is probably scary or something who knows?

2 Salamence

While Shelgon is probably the funniest ugly duckling middle evolution stage in the entire series, Salamence is no slouch, and is a very intimidating Pokémon. Especially its Mega Evolution, where it turns into a fighter plane for absolutely no reason. At all. This Hoenn boy is one that totally deserves the ability Intimidate. Besides that, it is a major player in the competitive scene, so it uses the ability very well. Salamence embodies Intimidate, sure, but there is one that rises above the rest.

1 Landorus Therian Forme

While Landorus's Therian Forme is its only form that gets Intimidate, it still earns the top spot on this list because you know that in the blink of an eye, Landorus can transform into a humanoid, very muscley, man that is floating on a cloud that can devastate the earth within SECONDS. Yeah, okay. You've earned Intimidate Landorus. To be honest the Therian Forme is also very threatening in its own right. Landorus is just a very threatening man in general.

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