Pokemon Uranium is Officially Dead

Pokemon Uranium is Officially Dead - Chyinmunk

The developers of the fan-made Pokemon Uranium game announce that it will no longer be receiving new updates and its online services will be shut down.

The decade-long saga of Pokemon Uranium has finally come to a close. The group of fans that have been working on Pokemon Uranium for all these years have decided to stop supporting it in any official capacity, removing all download links, ceasing work on any future updates, and shutting down the game's online services effective immediately.

The dedicated group of Pokemon fans that developed the game announced its demise on Twitter earlier today. Apparently, the team decided to end support for Pokemon Uranium because there is a "limit" to how far fan games can go, and they would like to move on to new projects. Whether or not Nintendo's legal notices played a role in the decision or not is anyone's guess.

After Nintendo managed to get Pokemon Uranium pulled from the web, fans were still sharing download links with each other, and the developers still supported the game with updates and online functionality. Perhaps Nintendo was wise to the fact that the Pokemon Uranium team was continuing development on the project, and decided to be more aggressive with its legal actions. That's just speculation at this time, however, and it's possible that the explanation provided by the team is the full truth.


If Nintendo did play a role in this latest Pokemon Uranium development, it wouldn't be all that surprising. The Big N has been quick to have numerous fan-made projects taken down this year, such as a Metroid II remake that was created to celebrate the franchise's anniversary (an event Nintendo largely ignored), as well as a parody game that combined Super Mario with No Man's Sky.

This could end up being a good thing for the Pokemon Uranium development team, however. The individuals that helped make the game have developed game development skills that could help them land legitimate jobs in the industry, so that they can work on games in an official capacity. Furthermore, they already have a built-in fan base of the people that enjoyed the nuclear-powered twist on Pokemon in Pokemon Uranium that will be excited to see what they cook up next.

Maybe one day the Pokemon Uranium team will return to release more content for the game, or perhaps someone else will step forward to continue fleshing out the project. Even if they don't, though, those that have already downloaded Pokemon Uranium should still be able to enjoy its single player adventure for the time being.

Pokemon Uranium was available for PC.

Source: Pokemon Uranium

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