Pokemon Looks Absolutely Stunning in Unreal Engine 4

By | 1 year ago 

There’s always that one game that fans have wanted for years that any given company refuses to give them for whatever reason. While many developers are reluctant to give into the demands of consumers for their own reasons, one thing that gamers have wanted for years now is a true to form Pokemon game on consoles.

While fans continue to wait on news that may or may never arrive on that dream project, modders have taken to bringing a trio of iconic Pocket Monsters into Epic Game’s Unreal Engine 4. The end result is something that presents longstanding Pokemon fans with a glimpse of what could be if The Pokemon Company ever gets around to having a core installment of the series appear on the Wii U or Nintendo NX console.

Utilizing the Kite demo that’s currently been made available, YouTube user CryZENx uploaded a video of the modded work. The end result beautifully showcases the power of the engine, as well as what beloved starter monsters Charmander, Squirtle, and Bulbasaur would look like if they were ever to be featured in their own game on a home platform. Suffice to say, gamers are sure to be impressed, but largely overwhelmed by the potential an open-world Pokemon game holds on current-gen hardware.

Pokemon Unreal Engine 4

While the dream will continue on – perhaps more so now thanks to this new demo – another console-quality Pocket Monster title is currently in the works known as Pokken Tournament. This game is currently an Japanese arcade exclusive fighter, with newly confirmed plans to debut it in North America through Dave & Buster’s. Still, the graphical quality of that game certainly shows a lot of promise if and when a console iteration does arrive.

Even though a console version of a true Pokemon game is still likely quite a ways off, the core handheld entries are far from over. Admittedly, it’s odd that another main iteration won’t be arriving in 2015 (with portable aficionados having to make do with Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon in lieu of a main entry), but there’s almost certainly something currently in the works at Game Freak which should get fans in the mood to once again catch ’em all.

Would you like to see a core Pokemon game arrive on a Nintendo home console? Would you prefer an original adventure or a high-definition remake? Get at us in the comment section.

Source: CryZENx (via GoNintendo)