The Pokemon Company has released a new trailer for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, offering one of the first looks into the upcoming RPGs’ gameplay. That includes new features, like the Pokemon Photo Club and the creative Mantine Surf. Before introducing the new features, though, the trailer goes over the titles’ structures. Welcome back the Alolan island challenge.

Returning in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon is the island challenge, which tasks the player to venture from island to island partaking in Pokemon trials. Each of the Alolan region’s four islands has its own series of trials, encompassing unique challenges beyond just Pokemon battles. The final obstacle on each island is the grand trial, where the player takes on the island’s Kahuna. It’s a rite of passage on Alola to participate in the island challenge, though only the strongest of trainers can complete it and become the island challenge champion.

The trailer teases several of the new island challenge trials, including encounters with swarms of Sudowood and Charjabug. Trial captain Mina also returns, sporting her paint-splashed long shirt, and pink paint-dipped hair. Accompanying the trainer on the island challenge will be old friends Lillie and Hau, each sporting new and adorable looks. With more than 400 Pokemon included in the games, including new Sun/Moon Alola forms of Pokemon, trainers have plenty to look forward to.

Photo Club is one of Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon‘s major feature additions. If players go into the all-new Photo Club building in Alola, they can snap pictures with their trainer and favorite Pokemon, then edit them to create truly magical photos. Players can alter a photo’s background, change the camera angle, switch outfits and poses, and even add stickers. The most important bit is that these photos can be saved and then shared through the 3DS’ varied communication features, as well as on social media.

If the Photo Club requires too much fashion sense, then players can hit the beach and surf instead in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon. This isn’t just plain old surfing, though, but Mantine Surfing. Mantine Surfing is a new mini-game in Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon that lets players do flips and tricks on huge waves. Not just a sport, Mantine Surfing also allows players to surf from island to island. It’s a healthy new way to travel, and Mantine probably thinks it’s pretty rad too.

There’s plenty of news to come regarding new additions to Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon on top of what’s already been revealed. Stay tuned for more information in the weeks and months to come.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release on November 17 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.