During an episode of the weekly Japanese variety show Pokenchi, Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon director Shigeru Ohmori guest starred to make an announcement. Ohmori took the opportunity to reveal Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon‘s first new Pokemon, an all new form of Lycanroc. The official Pokemon Twitter account teased that Ohmori had a big announcement to make, and the reveal of Lycanroc’s Dusk Form for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon seems to be it.

Rumors started spreading earlier today when Japanese magazine CoroCoro released an image for its next issue’s cover. Hidden on the cover was a small, low-resolution Lycanroc. It’s now all but certain that the cover includes the Dusk Form for Lycanroc that Ohmori revealed on Pokenchi, but initially fans couldn’t tell if it was a new form or just pixel distortion. CoroCoro is a popular venue for Nintendo to reveal many new Pokemon, so there’s a chance more Pokemon announcements might be made when the new issue arrives.

Meanwhile, Dusk Form Lycanroc will be making its animated debut in an upcoming episode of the Pokemon anime. This episode of Pokenchi was all about the upcoming anime event. In the anime episode protagonist Ash’s Rockruff evolves into Dusk Form Lycanroc as the sun sets in Alola. An evolution that’s  rather self-evident given the form’s name. And so the first new Pokemon from Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon makes its debut.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon New Pokemon Lycanroc Dusk Form

Game Freak and Nintendo have so far been very tight lipped regarding Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, but today’s news could mean that the dam is about to give way. Once the marketing campaign for the two new RPGs starts, it’ll mean weekly reveals and announcements through November. New Pokemon, new gameplay features, new characters, and more will be released in the coming months.

It’s unclear whether the unveiling of Lycanroc’s Dusk Form marks the start of the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon marketing campaign. This reveal just happened to tie in with what’s going on in the Pokemon anime, so it might just be a happy coincidence rather than evidence that more Pokemon news is on the way. Yet November is getting closer and Pokemon fans are increasingly excited for new information.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release November 17, 2017 for the Nintendo 3DS.