Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon Lets Players Visit Legendary Pokemon World

pokemon ultra sun ultra moon

The new story in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon has trainers leaving the tropical paradise for even more exotic locales. Reportedly, one of these new destinations is a world inhabited by legendary Pokemon, where a certain genetically engineered Pokemon will be there to greet you.

According to Siliconera, the latest issue of Famitsu contained an interview with Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon producer Shigeru Ohmori and director Kazumasa Iwao. In it, the duo dished on the upcoming game. They stated that using the game's new "Ultra Warp Ride" would allow players to travel to a world with legendary Pokemon. One of the area's residents is Mewtwo, who players can meet and then catch. As for what other legendary Pokemon make their home in this world, they didn't say, but the possibilities are enticing.


It's been reported that Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon will have players to leaving Alola, with the world of the Ultra Beasts being an important destination for the story. Traveling through an Ultra Wormhole on the back of a legendary Pokemon, players can visit Ultra Megalopolis, a world devoid of light and the home of the game's new antagonist, Necrozma. Aside from this, however, there have only been hints that players can travel to other fascinating new places.

A trailer that dropped a couple months ago introduced new looks for the protagonist, along with Rockruff's special evolution, but what made it really interesting was a brief clip that showed players in what appeared to be a gym from the original game, Pokemon Red & Blue. This has led some to predict a return to the Kanto region might be possible.

It looks like players in Pokemon Ultra Sun & Moon will be traveling far from the islands of Alola to some exciting new locations, which might include at least one familiar one. We'll see all of the fabulous destinations trainers can journey to when the game is released next month. Until then, pack your bags and prepare for a real Pokemon odyssey.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release on November 17, 2017 exclusively on Nintendo 3DS and 2DS.

Source: Siliconera

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