An all new Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon trailer has been shared by the Pokemon Company, teasing new story details and revealing an all new look for the Alolan protagonist. The trailer also shows off the Dusk Form of Lycanroc which had already been revealed last week. Yet details remain scant regarding the Pokemon Sun and Moon follow-ups, the trailer only teasing larger reveals likely to be forthcoming as we get closer to the November 17 release date.

The major reveal of the trailer is the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon protagonist’s new look. The main character is decked out like a true Alolan tourist. The trailer briefly goes through the various protagonist customization options including hair and skin color. It doesn’t look like Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon will be shaking things up in terms of new character customization options, though. And while the new outfits are certainly cute, players will likely be able to change their clothes as soon as they’re able to save up some cash and visit a shop.

Despite being branded as a story trailer, the Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon details are thin. Early in the trailer the three Sun and Moon starter Pokemon, Rowlett, Popplio, and Litten, are shown as well as a friendly Rockruff. We already know a special Rockruff that can evolve into Dusk Lycanroc will be given out via digital distribution during the games’ launch window. But is there something special about this Rockruff apart from that?

Following the brief look at the Pokemon starters, several flashes of scenes and NPCs are shown in rapid succession. There’s a pretty cavern filled with trees and fallen leaves, a stormy scene with several angry Alolan Exeggutors with what looks like a Magikarp boat in the background, a woman with a golf club and what could be a golfing outfit, an Alola Vulpix at a Pokemon Center, and the protagonist running through a city — likely Hau’oli or Heahea.

Of special note is brief flash showing the return of Ryuki once again claiming he’s a “star,” looking like he just stepped out of a superhero anime. Ryuki popped up for a couple fights with his Dragon Pokemon in Sun and Moon, but that’s not what’s especially interesting about this clip. It’s the location Ryuki is talking to you in. If you look closely, the arrangement of the trash cans and the coloring of the room could indicate this is Lt. Surge’s Gym from Pokemon Red and Blue. A return to Kanto might be in store for Pokemon Ultra Sun and Moon.

Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon release on November 17, 2017 exclusively for the Nintendo 3DS.