It’s been a decent year so far for fans of Nintendo’s all too popular Pokemon franchise, and there’s no indication that the arrival of new content will halt in the near future. With Pokemon X and Y already set for an October debut, there was already more than enough for 3DS owners to look forward to later this year, and now The Pokemon Company has revealed yet another new title in the form of Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS.

Westerners may not be familiar with the term ‘tretta’, as it’s not something nearly as relevant in other territories as it is in Japan. To clarify, a tretta is a plastic disc that contains character information on it and can be scanned into a game — something comparable to Skylanders or the upcoming Disney Infinity.

In Japan there are Pokemon Tretta arcade machines that will dispense a new tretta every time a gamer’s team of Pokemon (three per battle) are victorious in battle. For obvious reasons the 3DS version won’t dispense new discs, but it will be able to read the adorable Pokemon-branded pieces of plastic as a result of a bulky peripheral that comes packaged with the newly unveiled software. This attachment, known as the Tretta Scanner, will fit onto either the standard 3DS or the larger 3DS XL; in a similar manner as the Circle Pad Pro.

Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS Peripheral

As for Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS itself, the game will be offered to consumers in the form of an eShop voucher that accompanies the actual retail package. The bundle will come with three trettas to help get eager trainers started (Mewtwo, Eevee, and Lucario), and anyone who pre-orders the game will also receive a Pichu puck as a special bonus.

Other than the bountiful amount of plastic that accompanies the bundle, the game features three different modes for players to go through.

  • Tretta Analyzer: Allows players to check out the types and stats of the Pokemon in their tretta collection.
  • Type Checker: A means of checking the types of many Pokemon and learning their weaknesses/strengths. Also provides a list of all the trettas still left to be obtained.
  • Auto-Battle: Unique to the 3DS iteration of Pokemon Tretta, Auto-Battle allows players to test their monsters’ mettle by putting them up against waves of random enemies or going head-to-head with other Pokemon in their collection.

Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS Screenshots

It’s unlikely that this title will ever make its way to Western audiences — North America didn’t even receive the recently released Learn With Pokemon: Typing Adventure for the Nintendo DS — so don’t get too excited over the prospect of starting a tretta collection. That said, there are still plenty of noteworthy Pokemon products to look forward to later this year.

If patience and anticipation aren’t a strong suit for some of our readers, then they may briefly be distracted by the distribution event that’s currently happening for Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 owners. The event in question offers up the exclusive opportunity to capture the illusive Deoxys until May 31st, so anyone who has failed to jump on that may wish to do so very soon.

Pokemon Tretta Lab for Nintendo 3DS can be caught on store shelves in Japan on August 10th.

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Source: SerebiiSiliconera