Top 5 Original Bad-Ass Pokémon

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Pokémon Black and Pokémon White are coming and coming fast, but every single one of the new Pokémon we have seen can't hold a candle to the first generation bad asses that we have grown up with and hopefully admire more than the latest Pokémon to be "discovered". So in honor of the classic first generation of Pokémon I have made a list of the Top 5 Original Bad-Ass Pokémon that I'm sure will spark varying amounts of controversy, but none can deny their complete and utter bad-assery.

Back when we first started playing the classic games on the GameBoy we didn't care about crafting a strategically balanced team -- no, what we wanted was a team of the coolest Pokémon around and we had it! It didn't even matter if they were all water-types because we took the words of Professor Oak to heart (unlike his grand-son Gary) and made a team of Pokémon we actually cared about, a team that we were proud to win with and lose with.

There are 151 original Pokémon so narrowing the list down to our top five was quite a daunting task, but Game Rant has completed the task for you, our Ranters, so without any further ado I present the Top 5 Original Bad-Ass Pokémon.

Scyther, Pokemon, Bad Ass Pokemon

5. Scyther

Traditionally bug Pokémon aren't very cool, let alone bad-ass, but Scyther is more than the exception. This Pokémon is based off of one of the coolest insects in the animal kingdom -- the praying mantis. This insect is known to actually eat its own male partner while mating, so Scyther comes from a cannibalistic background that should not only impress, but terrify any Pokemon trainer that wants this truly bad-ass Pokémon in their roster.

Scyther has a cool background, but they were able to take an awesome insect and make him look hardcore. Scyther has two razor sharp scythes for hands that can cut anything or anyone to ribbons, plus he has spikes that stick out of his head and thighs that I doubt anybody would like to get caught on. Scyther is one of the few Pokémon that is actually cooler than his evolved form and we here at Game Rant can't ignore the bad-assness that Scyther brings to the table.

Blastoise, Pokemon, Bad Ass Pokemon

4. Blastoise

At least one of the original starters was bound to make this list, because they are without a doubt the coolest starters in Pokémon history. Turtles are usually not very cool though: they eat lettuce, slowly hobble from one side of their environment to the other, poop and sleep. Blastoise and his whole evolutionary line are the polar opposite of your average boring turtle. These guys are fast, cool looking, and can shoot vast amounts of water out of their mouths.

Somehow, during the evolution from Wartortle to Blastoise, he grows giant pearly white cannons on his back that are capable of pumping so much water that they are often used instead of fire trucks to extinguish burning buildings. You can just look at Blastoise and know he could kick the crap out of almost any Pokémon and that's why he's number four on our list.

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Gyarados, Pokemon, Bad Ass Pokemon

3. Gyarados

Gyarados is probably the last Pokémon you would ever want to run into while swimming in the ocean. It could easily get you in its mouth and tear you to shreds in a similar fashion to victims in a Jaws movie. This terror of the sea actually evolves from one of the most useless Pokémon, Magikarp. While Magikarp is considered by many to be the worst Pokémon in existence, we here at Game Rant know the truth, but that was another article.

Only the strongest trainers are said to be able to control Gyarados and use him in battles, so you know this is one tough creature. Groups of these things have been known to get together and create giant whirlpools and even water twisters that can do ridiculous amounts of damage. Gyarados is one of the scariest, strongest, and most intimidating Pokémon to ever grace the games with his presence, and that's why he is number three in our top five.

Charizard, Pokemon, Bad Ass Pokemon

2. Charizard

What kind of list would it be if we left out Charizard? The answer: Not a very good one. Charizard is one of the most popular Pokémon ever, because every single one of his evolutions are awesome and nobody can deny that. Charizard is based off of a dragon if it wasn't already blatantly obvious, and because he's a dragon he has wings, sharp fangs, and of course he breathes fire. Charmander is the starter Pokémon that everybody wants just because he evolves into a ridiculously bad-ass dragon.

According to the Pokédex, the flames emitted from Charizard's mouth are hot enough to melt ANY material known to man, and it's capable of flying up to 4,600 feet in the air. Nintendo also gave Charizard the coolest shiny form ever, so if you are fortunate enough to score a black Charizard then you easily have the coolest Pokémon around, or no life, one of the two. He's a favorite by many, but shockingly he only netted the number two spot.

Mewtwo, Pokemon, Bad Ass Pokemon

1. Mewtwo

Mewtwo is the most ruthless killing machine ever created by man. He was created by Team Rocket's hard-working scientists, and upon their final experiment Mewtwo broke free and subsequently began killing everyone who had created him. This Pokémon deserves to be in the number one spot because he was created with the sole purpose to be used as a weapon, and could kill any one of the other Pokémon on this list while simultaneously beating Battletoads... with his eyes closed!

Mewtwo feels no sympathy for anything or anyone and destroys things just to prove how strong it is. Mewtwo is easily the deadliest Pokémon around, so he proudly stands on the top of Game Rant's list.

There it is folks, Game Rant's Top 5 Most Bad-Ass Original Pokémon of all time. It was no easy task cutting down the original bad asses to a measly five, but it had to be done. Some honorable mentions go out to Rhydon, Kabutops, Aerodactyl, Nidoking, Zapdos, and Gengar who are all totally bad-ass, but just weren't able to clinch a spot in our top 5. I'm sure some of you won't agree with the list, and that's fine you're not a robot and have your own opinions so feel free to express them in the comments section.

There are tons of other Pokémon out there and if this article gets some good response then maybe, if you're lucky, Game Rant will do a Top 5 most bad-ass Pokémon from Gold and Silver. Maybe.

What did you think of our list? Who would you have like to seen make the top 5?

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