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Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire got off to a great start late last year, selling more than 3 million copies within 3 days of release. With gamers now having had time to progress through the main story, Pokemon fans have been taking a deeper look at the titles. Just a couple weeks ago, a crazy theory hit the Internet which claimed that the world of Pokemon is in fact a multiverse with an endless number of parallel realities existing at the same time.

But that theory seems a bit tame in comparison to one that became popular on Reddit this week. This new theory could explain everything from evolutions to how the Pokemon manage to fit inside those little Pokeballs. Get ready, it's tinfoil hat time.

The extra chapter at the end of Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire introduced the idea of "infinite energy" to players. It is said that this energy is what makes Pokemon living creatures and the energy has also been used for negative purposes by some humans (like starting wars) and many Pokemon have been sacrificed along the way. The chapter asks players to stop humans from using even more infinite energy.

In a Reddit called "Pokemon Conspiracies" (Yes, seriously), user 0vi, put forward a complex theory claiming that both Pokemon and humans are eternally bound to this infinite energy. When Pokemon and humans die in the Pokemon universe, they leave their bodily forms and revert to this energy state. And that could explain just about everything.

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For example, when a Pokemon is released from a Pokeball, there is a flash of something that could very easily be called energy before the Pokemon appears. According to the Pokemon Theory of Everything, Pokemon are able to revert to their natural infinite energy state when they are placed inside the Pokeball, but then reform into their physical form upon release.

That same "energy" is seen on a much larger scale whenever a Pokemon goes through an evolution. 0vi explains that the Pokemon is reverting to its natural energy state, which is why you see the flash of light before it transforms into an entirely new physical form.

Continuing down this path of logic even further, infinite energy could also explain why wild Pokemon suddenly become tame when they are captured by a human. If all humans are also made of infinite energy, then it could be possible for a wild Pokemon to be "rewritten" so that it matches the energy makeup of its trainer. This explains why trainers have IDs. When a Pokemon is captured, it is "tied" to the same energy ID as the trainer and becomes tame.

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So did a Reddit user just decode the mysteries of the Pokemon Universe? Maybe. Or maybe he just has too much time on his hands.

Pokemon has been around for a long time and both The Pokemon Company and Nintendo have stayed mum on previous fan theories over the years, so it's doubtful there will be any official confirmation from either company. But as tin foil hat theories go, this one actually does feel like it makes a lot of sense, assuming Pokemon fans are willing to go that far down the rabbit hole.

Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire is out now for Nintendo 3DS. Pokken Tournament is in development and another unannounced game might be on the way.

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