10 Pokémon You Can Have That Make The Games Way Too Easy

There are a lot of Pokémon in the game series and deciding which of the 800+ creatures you want on your team can be a challenge. The strongest Pokémon available will depend on which game you’re playing and which you have access to, though trading can largely negate this problem.

If you’re looking for strong or useful Pokémon to beat the other trainers in the PVE world or even PVP here are some great Pokémon to have on your team and which games you can get them in.

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10 Persian

This is admittedly the strangest entry on this list but keep an open mind. Often times you’ll find yourself running low on cash in these games but you’ll still need to buy Pokéballs to capture more Pokémon, TMs to improve their skills, and other purchases.

If you can get your hands on a Persian with the move Payday you have a fairly competent normal Pokémon with the ability to generate money out of thin air in every Pokémon battle you use it in. It’s also available in every generation, though you may have to trade for it in a few.

9 Mew

You’d think Mew would be on the list for its stunning stats and incredible ability to learn any move ever and while it is useful for those purposes the real reason you want one is to act as an HM slave. Before Pokémon Sun & Moon removed these ridiculous moves that were required to navigate the world, HMs were needed to cut trees, ride waterfalls or explore underwater.

You’ll need cheats to get a Mew as early as Pokémon Red & Blue but it’s worth it to have every HM you need without sullying your fighting champs. In later games with more HMs you might need two Mews to cover your bases.

8 Mega Alakazam

Mega Alakazam is a fierce attacker thanks to lightning fast speed and high special attack stats. It’s ability Magic Guard make it resistant to sneakier opponents and few things can survive this creature when it’s holding a Life Orb to boost its damage. It is a bit of a glass cannon though which is why it doesn’t rank higher.

Mega Alakazam is only available in Pokémon X & Y, but it’s base version has been around since the first games. In fact in Pokémon Red & Blue before you obtained Mewtwo this is the strongest Pokémon you could have in the game.

7 Garchomp

Surprisingly the base form is considered stronger than the Mega form thanks to a higher speed stat, but honestly you can’t go wrong with either. Garchomp is a fast Pokémon with good defense and strong attack. This is the one you want to put holes in tanking Pokémon and others with high defense.

Garchomp becomes available in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl and is evolved from a Gible that isn’t typically found until later in the midgame. If you can patiently train and evolve it from its base form it's great for taking down troublesome Pokémon.

6 Ultra Necrozma

Ultra Necrozma has blinding speed, high special attack and attack stats that make it a great damage dealer, though it does suffer a bit in the survival stats making it the prime definition of a glass cannon. With Swords Dance this thing can burn through most opponents with ease.

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The ultra form is only available in the Pokémon Ultra Sun & Moon games and its base form is only found in Pokémon Sun & Moon. It’s a newer Pokémon but a strong one to quickly blitz through those four games. You’ll find it on Ten Carat Hill or Mount Lanakila.

5 Primal Kyogre

With a strong attack, special attack and special defense Primal Kyogre can be tailored to fill an offensive or defensive role with ease. The reason it doesn’t rank higher is that’s slow and not well equipped to survive long drawn out battles so use it aggressively in the early parts of a fight to get the most out of it.

The Primal version is only available if the base version is holding a Blue Orb obtained in Pokémon Sun & Moon and the sequels. A standard Kyogre can be acquired as early as Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire, but the other generations will require either a trade or transfer to obtain.

4 Primal Groudon

Primal Groudon has great attack, defense, and special attack, which makes it just a little more versatile then Kyogre in either offensive or defensive roles. It also has fewer effective counters meaning it’s a beast in PVP when you’re done with PVE. Stealth Rock is a must have move and Swords Dance allows it to carve up tanky opponents.

Like Primal Kyogre the Red Orb is necessary for the Primal version and is only available in Pokémon Sun & Moon, but the base form can be obtained in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire and through trades and transfers thereafter.

3 Mega Rayquaza

It’s oddly fitting that Mega Rayquaza would be stronger than Groudon and Kyogre given the lore and it’s a legend in the PVP world which makes PVE a breeze. It is very much an offensive Pokémon with an incredible attack, special attack and strong stats in everything else. It can also go into Mega form without a special object so it can be outfitted with anything you want.

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Its base form is acquired in Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire once again requiring trades and transfers in every other game after. The Mega form is obtained in Pokémon X & Y.

2 Mega Mewtwo X

Mewtwo is a powerful Pokémon in it’s own right and can clean up in Pokémon Red & Blue but its mega form Mega Mewtwo X is a monster. It has an incredible attack stat and solid speed that make it an effective brawler. It also enjoys the ability to learn different type attacks for some variability in combat.

Mewtwo has been available since Pokémon Red & Blue, but the Mega X version only appeared after Pokémon X & Y. You definitely want one on your PVE team and your PVP team.

1 Mega Mewtwo Y

Mega Mewtwo X is powerful, but Mega Mewtwo Y edges it out thanks to even higher speed and a better special attack ability. Capable of learning some very powerful moves like Psystrike and Ice Beam Mewtwo Y can be used to counter practically anything. This is your sweeper that will come in and obliterate anything still alive.

Once again Mewtwo is obtained as early as Pokémon Red & Blue but the Mega variant is acquired in Pokémon X & Y. This absolutely needs to be on any team you have and it’ll shred whatever you encounter in story mode.

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