Pokemon Sword and Shield Changes the Wild Area to Start December

The holidays have arrived in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, as many players may have already discovered. Game Freak is doing something nice to start the holidays and has added some atmosphere to the game. Lasting for today only, December 1, Pokemon Sword and Shield players can visit the games' Wild Area and will be rewarded with some snowy holiday weather. Take care when traveling in the snow, however, because Hail is in effect while battling Pokemon in snowy weather.

For one day only, the weather in the Wild Area in both Pokemon Sword and Shield will remain as Snowing. This is the weather that will be spread across the entire Wild Area for the entire day. On a typical day, the weather in the Wild Area will be different as players journey from map section to section. Snowing weather gives access to weather-exclusive Pokemon spawns, which include Galarian Mr. Mime, Sneasel, Swinub, Delibird, Snorunt, Snover, Glaceon, Vanillite, Cubchoo, Bergmite, Snom, Eiscue, and their evolutions. Wooloo spawns in Snowing weather, too.

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Before anyone assumes different, the special weather event today in Pokemon Sword and Shield isn't specifically related to the holiday season. Game Freak implemented a weather system in Pokemon Sword and Shield so that the weather shifts day to day, with multiple different weather zones across the Wild Area. But on the first day of every month the Wild Area sticks to just one weather type, so players can try and find weather-specific Pokemon on a regular schedule.

According to Game Freak's weather schedule for Pokemon Sword and Shield, December 1st's weather type is Snowing. The next schedule pure weather day will be February 1st, when the Wild Area will all have a Snowstorm weather effect. Other months through the year will feature Pokemon Sword and Shield's other weather patterns, including Overcast, Sandstorm, Intense Sun, Thunderstorm, and others.

wild area snowing december 1

While the snowy weather may not be a permanent fixture for the holidays, having snow in the Wild Area to start December is still a nice holiday message from Game Freak. It's these kinds of touches that make the Pokemon franchise so endearing. It's no surprise that Pokemon fans want more of these types of live service-style events in Pokemon games. Pokemon Sword and Shield show a glimpse at what could be if Game Freak fully implemented online functionality into the game. For now, players will just have to enjoy the snow.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are available now exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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