How to Get Type: Null in Pokemon Sword and Shield

Pokemon Type Null

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield, the latest titles in Game Freak's legendary catch 'em all series, have been out for a few weeks now, allowing players to fully explore the British-themed Galar region. As well as a handful of new Pokemon, special Galar variants and updated mechanics, Sword and Shield each bring back a huge number of favorite Pokemon from previous games, if not quite as many as some fans hoped.

#Dexit controversy aside, most of the Pokemon from previous titles have made a return, with a handful of legendaries among them. One of these, and perhaps one of the strangest Pokemon in the entire series, is the Synthetic Pokemon Type: Null. Only available after the completion of Pokemon Sword and Shield's main story, here's how to add one to the Pokedex.

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The Battle Tower

If its bizarre name and Legendary status isn't enough to give away that Type: Null is no ordinary Pokemon, its strange appearance should confirm it. It makes sense that such a unique Pokemon would be hard to acquire, but while its true that Type: Null can't be caught in the wild,  it's actually incredibly simple to acquire one once a player has finished the game.

Players looking for a Type: Null should head to the Battle Tower (formerly the Rose Tower) in Wyndon. Upon entering, immediately turn left to talk to a woman standing next to a Type: Null. She will then give the player their very own copy of the Pokemon, without asking for anything in return, as well as a handful of Memories, special items that tie into Type: Null's unique mechanic.

Type: Any

Type: Null is a Normal-type Pokemon by default, but its unique ability allows it to take on a different Type depending on the Memory item that its holding. This allows its owner to adapt it to whatever they're facing, making Type: Null one of the most versatile Pokemon in the game.

Unfortunately, Type: Null can't be bred, so players will only ever be able to get one. It does have an evolved form however, the slightly more impressive-looking Silvally. To evolve a Type: Null a player needs to get its happiness up to at least 220, which can be done by cooking it curry or playing together while camping.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is out now for the Nintendo Switch.

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