Rumor Patrol: Pokemon Sword and Shield May Feature Two Regions

pokemon sword and shield regions

Not too long ago, Pokemon Sword and Shield was officially announced by Nintendo. Rumors, speculation, and memes have run rampant since then, with one example being the Armored Evolution leak. Now, a new rumor has surfaced to imply that the Gen 8 Pokemon game will actually feature two regions.

Based on some in-game lore, real-world relationships, and small similarities, many are thinking that Kalos, the region of Pokemon X and Y, will feature alongside the new Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield. A lot of this has to do with Kalos being based on France and Galar being based on Great Britain, but there are a few details making people believe this is the case.

There's no doubt, the relationship between France and Great Britain is a complicated one, with the two countries sharing a history of war, conquest, and alliances, and in Pokemon X and Y, the story revolves around an event known as the Kalos War 3,000 years prior. The Kalos War saw AZ receive eternal life and the ultimate weapon be created.

Due to the fraught history of real-world Great Britain and France, many believe this war was fought between Kalos and Galar. Furthermore, Melmetal - a "new" Pokemon presumably from the Galar region - was last seen during the same time period. Another leak teased that Meltan would have an important role in Pokemon Sword and Shield, so it's possible that these two ideas are somehow connected.

Then, there are certain details about Pokemon X and Y that further supports the two region theory. For instance, there are similar cave structures that could be connected because of rail road tracks. Given that there was a train in X and Y that did not go anywhere, and one featured in the Sword and Shield announcement, this theory could be true. There is also a port on the west side of Kalo with a port town visible on the east side of Galar, making travel between the two not seem like such a stretch.

If this proves to the case and Pokemon Sword and Shield does feature both Galar and Kalos, it would not be an unprecedented move, as it would be the second game in the franchise to do so. Pokemon Gold, Silver, and Crystal included the original Kanto region alongside the Johto region as a way to showcase the power of the Game Boy Color, so perhaps Nintendo plans to do this again for the forthcoming Switch title.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is set to release in Fall 2019, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch

Source: Reddit

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