Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Solve the Turffield Treasure Riddle


Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are some of the most talked about games this season. From fans of the series complaining about all of the Pokemon that have been cut from the Pokedex to the review bombs, Sword and Shield have certainly been a part of the conversation. Many claim that this game is also more difficult, making some of the battles and puzzles difficult even for mega fans. One of the puzzles that has been stumping players is the Turffield riddle.

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The Turffield Riddle

In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Turffield is located at the intersection of Routes 4 and 5, just north of the Galar Mines.

It is home to a secret treasure that players will learn about if they speak to the little girl at the entrance of the town. The Yamper that belongs to Sonia (who is the subject of a lot of Pokemon fanart) will lead players right to her. The little girl has a riddle for trainers, and they'll need to really look around to be able to solve it.

“Seek yourself three standing stones, with Grass before the other ones. Use well that strength, and find then the strength of its strength in the end. Dally not, if you’ve a mind to find what time has left behind.”

This riddle seems to have left a bunch of Pokemon fans stumped, adding hours onto the 30-40 hours Sword and Shield already take to beat.

How to Solve the Turffield Riddle

There are three stone monoliths around town and players need to interact with each of the three in a specific order. The riddle offers the advice to put "Grass before the other ones," so players know to interact with the Grass-marked stone before the other two. Then "use well that strength" or Water, which is weak against Grass. After that is Fire, which is the "strength of its strength in the end," since Fire-types, like Scorbunny and its evolutions, are strong against Grass.

The Grass stone is to the left of the Gym, just after the Flower Shop. It looks like three vertical stones with diamonds carved into them. This should say "Grass" when it is interacted with.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Solve the Turffield Treasure Riddle

Go back to where the little girl was, then go West. The Water monolith should be there. It looks very similar to the Grass one, except it's a little more weathered. Interact with this structure, then head to the Fire stone.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Solve the Turffield Treasure Riddle

The Fire stone is back to the East. Look for the bridge to Route 5. It will be kind of high up, offering a nice view of this small town in the Galar Region. Just before the bridge, there is the third monolith that looks different from the other two. It has one giant diamond carved into the top, then a pattern of diamonds carved into the bottom half. This is the Fire Stone, and the treasure should appear after interacting with it.

Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Solve the Turffield Treasure Riddle

If it didn't work, players may have accidentally interacted with one of the monuments twice, or taken too long to interact with each monument. Start from the beginning and try again.

The Treasure

The treasure is an Expert Belt. This belt makes Pokemon moves more powerful, giving them an edge in all of those upcoming battles. This should help players out on their journey to beating the Champion Cup and getting their Legendary Pokemon.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are now available for Nintendo Switch.

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