Fans Spot Mystery Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield Trailer

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During the recent September 4 Nintendo Direct, Pokemon fans the world over got another look at the forthcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. It was during this stream that the games revealed two new Pokemon, Cramorant and Polteageist, but it seems others noticed some more hidden in the background. Specifically, it appears that fans may have noticed two more Pokemon coming to the Galar region Pokedex.

The first up is the more clear indication of a new Pokemon. The aforementioned Cramorant has an ability called Gulp Missile that fires its catch, with it shooting out what appears to be a new Water-type fish Pokemon in the trailer. Since Pokemon Sword and Shield's Galar region is loosely based on the UK and this Pokemon loosely resembles a Pike, it makes sense that this would be yet another new Pokemon. Clearly, Cramorant have a taste for it, but details such as its name are not yet available.

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The next Pokemon is more of a mystery and less clearly defined, but it definitely looks like a Pokemon. In the opening moments of the Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer, there is a dock and what appears to be a Dark-type Pokemon walking along said dock. Its body shape is reminiscent of a Zoroark if it stood erect, but it appears to have some weird horns and/or hair as well.

Furthermore, it appears to have certain features exaggerated, as its hands look huge compared to its body. This may just be because of the faraway look, but it's definitely hard to determine more of what it could be. Notably, it looks more like an Ultra Beast from Pokemon Sun and Moon, but considering that Mega Evolution and Z-Moves aren't in Sword and Shield, it doesn't seem likely to be one.

Regardless, fans will get more concrete details whenever the developer decides to reveal them, which may be sooner rather than later since fans have already spotted the new Pokemon. For those looking forward to the new Pokemon in the game (and other features, of course), here are all the Pokemon Sword and Shield editions and pre-order bonuses.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively for the Switch.

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