Pokemon Sword and Shield: How to Get Both Toxtricity Forms

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield are the newest Pokemon games, out now for the Nintendo Switch console. This duo of games deviate some from previous entries in some significant ways, like changing how legendary Pokemon are caught. Another big change from other titles is the amount of new Pokemon in this game. There are about 80 new faces in the lineup up possible Pokemon to catch.

So while there might be a shortage of familiar faces, there are plenty of new ones to get old trainers dusting off their Pokeballs. One of those new adorable faces is Toxel, and this Pokemon has an interesting secret: it's second evolution comes in two different forms.

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The Twin Evolutions of Toxel

While most players have been trying to get their starter Pokemon leveled up to their evolutions, there are plenty of other Pokemon in the game that have really interesting evolutions too. While both of the two Toxel evolutions are called Toxtricity, they differ both in moves and in looks.

While not one of the largest Pokemon, the two Toxtricity are certainly some of the most interesting. The first is Toxtricity's Amped Up form, which is yellow with spiky hair. This form of Toxtricity learns the moves Shift Gear and Venoshock, which is different from its counterpart. Amped Up also has the potential ability called "Plus." The Amped Up version looks like this:

Pokemon Sword and Shield How to Get Both Toxtricity Amped

The second possible form is called the Low Key form, and this Toxtricity is mostly light blue instead of yellow. While this one has identical base stats to the Amped Up version, it has a different set of moves. This form has the moves Magnetic Flux and Venom Drench, and the potential ability of "Minus." Both Toxticity Amped and Low Key have both been the subjects of some fun Pokemon fan art since they were announced, and it's easy to see why:

Toxel, which can be found in the Wild Area or along Route 7, will evolve when it hits level 30, and it is one of the many new Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The two forms of Toxtricity can't be found in the wild, so players will have to grab a few Toxels to make sure they get both forms if they want them. The evolution that any particular Toxel will end up as is not intuitive, but lucky for everyone, there is a simple chart that should help trainers figure out which one they are going to get.

Evolving Toxel to Toxtricity

Turns out the Pokemon trainers can't influence which Toxtricity they are going to get from their Toxels. It's is all based on the Toxel's original nature, which can't be altered. Nature mints, though they do alter natures of Pokemon, won't influence its final form, so players are going to have to farm for the right Toxels to make sure they can end up with one of each Amped Up and Low Key. A Toxtricity social media account tweeted a very helpful chart that will allow trainers to know what sort of Toxtricity their Toxel will end up as, based on their natures.

Pokemon Sword and Shield How to Get Both Toxtricity Forms

So if Pokemon Sword and Shield trainers are trying hard to catch 'em all, they'll need to find just the right Toxels to get each of the different types of Toxtricities.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both available for Nintendo Switch.

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