Pokemon Sword, Shield Nintendo Switch Lite Bundle on Sale

Earlier this month, Nintendo revealed its upcoming deals for Black Friday. Unsurprisingly, the company's offerings for the Nintendo Switch are not as massive compared to its chief competitors, Sony and Microsoft. Luckily for fans of the Nintendo Switch, Walmart is offering a good deal for the Switch Lite variant of the console bundled with two of the hottest Switch games right now.

For an unspecified amount of time, Walmart is currently offering the Nintendo Switch Lite bundled with either Pokemon Sword or Shield. Players can build their own bundle and choose which the color of the Switch Lite they prefer and whether they want Pokemon Sword or Shield as their bundled game. The special Switch Lite bundle is priced at $238.99, and Walmart claims that players will save at least $30.95, depending on the bundle they create.

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The Nintendo Switch Lite is normally priced at $199, and a copy of either Pokemon Sword or Shield goes for $59.99 each. Walmart's bundle also includes a bonus Switch Lite Kit Protector for free. Players should remember that the price of $238.99 is the cheapest possible and can increase depending on the bundle the player creates. Choosing the Zacian and Zamazenta Edition of the Switch Lite would add $10 to the price, but any of the standard colors won't impose additional charges.

Nintendo Switch Lite Console with Pokemon Sword or Shield and BONUS Switch Lite Kit - $238.99-$248.99

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The Nintendo Switch Lite was recently released last September, and the company is positioning the device as a pure handheld console. Soon after its launch, the Lite variant of the Nintendo Switch was a resounding success and Nintendo is now looking into bringing more 3DS games to the console to highlight its handheld features.

Although the Switch Lite is just a couple of months old, reports revealed by the end of September that Nintendo is already looking into making a new Switch Lite model. This new information came from the fact that Nintendo has already filed its plans for a new model with the FCC.

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