Rumor: Pokemon Sword and Shield Story Details Leak

With Pokemon Sword and Shield just months away from release, rumors about upcoming features are already appearing online. Prior to E3 2019, a leak appeared on 4chan revealing in detail the games' starter evolution. Now, a new rumor has surfaced online, leaking information on Sword and Shield's characters and their storylines. It's worth highlighting that this article could contain MAJOR SPOILERS for the game, even if nothing is exactly confirmed.

A Reddit post by the user SwSh Leak revealed tons of information about Pokemon Sword and Shield's characters, and how their actions and motivations will affect the overall story of the game. It is currently unclear how the Reddit user obtained this much information, so it is best to take everything with a grain of salt.

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The reason behind Bede's endorsement

pokemon sword and shield bede

The leak claims that the reason why Rose (chairman of the Galar Pokemon League) endorsed Bede to join the gym challenge is because of his relations with Oleana, who is revealed to be his mother. Apart from that, Rose is also seeking other trainers who may pose a threat to Leon in an attempt to take them down.

Marnie is looking for answers

pokemon sword and shield marnie

The official Pokemon Twitter revealed that Marnie wants to become the champion of the Galar Region in order to achieve "a certain goal." Now, it appears that this goal is to find answers as to where her missing father is, believing that Rose had something to do with his disappearance.

Leon is a fraud

pokemon sword and shield leon

Although a seasoned trainer, Leon won't be in the position he's in without the help of Rose. While the leak claims that he is not plotting anything, he decided to let Rose take him under his wing to further his career, seeing it as a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Hop wants to expose the truth

pokemon sword and shield hop

Initially, Hop wanted to join the gym challenge to get out of the shadow of his brother Leon. Upon learning Leon and Rose's deal, Hop strived to become Pokemon Champion to expose his brother but gets suspended instead.

Rose may not be pure evil

pokemon sword and shield rose

While many of the aforementioned rumors paint Rose as sinister, it appears that this is not the case. While he may show the signs of a classic villain, Rose is simply trapped in his narcissistic tendencies, focusing more on earning a profit and living in the spotlight.

Oleana is the true villain

pokemon sword and shield oleana

The rumor claims that Oleana is the mastermind behind everything, being a former scientist that came up with the dynamaxing format of the battles. She then hides devices in each stadium to absorb power emitted from battles that use dynamaxing, in an attempt to reawaken the legendary Pokemon Eternatus and harness its power.

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New Character: Clovis

pokemon sword and shield new character

While most characters in Pokemon Sword and Shield are already revealed, the rumor claims that Clovis is one of the unannounced major characters. He is a Pokemon battle commentator and blogger, who enjoys quite a bit of fame in the Galar region.

Team Yell and The Codex Organization

pokemon sword and shield team yell

Apparently, Team Yell won't function the same as other evil groups such as Team Rocket. Instead, Team Yell are just "glorified grunts" that the player will play alongside with, in one battle. The real evil organization in Sword and Shield is The Codex Organization, which is a group of historians working with Oleana.

While the latest leak is pretty extensive and does sound convincing, its source is still a mystery and should be treated as pure speculation. But does it have any merit? Of course, only time can tell. However, for those interested in confirmed Pokemon Sword and Shield information, here is everything we know so far about the upcoming games. 

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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Source: Reddit

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