Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Evolution Leak Proven Accurate

Wednesday morning Nintendo and Game Freak shared a new trailer for Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield. The trailer revealed details about the two upcoming Pokemon games hitherto unknown. At least, those details should have been unknown. A leak from prior to E3 sharing details about Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter evolutions also contained information revealed in the new trailer. That leak, which was previously untrustworthy, has been given new credence.

The now proven accurate information was the naming of Team Yell, Pokemon Sword and Shield's villainous organization. The original leak, posted to 4chan in late May, listed a "Team Rocket-style group" named "Team Yell." The leak also hinted at the Gigantimaxing feature, which has also since been confirmed. Altogether, it's difficult not to take the leak as real and accurate now. Which, considering some of the other details it has shared, is very interesting.

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Starter evolution details are perhaps the most interesting aspect of the leak that have yet to be confirmed. According to the leak, Scorbunny will evolve into Raboot and learn fire-type moves. Sobble evolves into Sizzle, then Intelleon, and is a spy-themed water-type. Grookey's final form will be a giant gorilla with a wooden drum. Nintendo and Game Freak have yet to share details about Pokemon Sword and Shield's starter evolutions officially.

There are several other interesting details that were shared in the leak, too. In addition to the Legendary Pokemon Zacian and Zamazenta, a third Legendary named Eternatus that is "evil" is also planned. Pikachu will also have a new Gigantamax form where it looks like the classic Pokemon Red and Blue chubby Pikachu. Farfetch'd is getting a Galarian regional form (or brand new evolution) named Sirfetch'd. Two as-yet-unannounced Pokemon include Skwovet and Greedunt, who are both chipmunk Pokemon. And finally, players will be able to camp in the wild and can play with their Pokemon to raise their Friendship Level.

There's clearly plenty left for Nintendo and Game Freak to share about Pokemon Sword and Shield. Whether it be new Pokemon, new features, or otherwise, the months between now and the two games' launch is certain to be filled with tons of Pokemon news. Having an accurate leak to help build up excitement for a few unannounced details makes it all the more fun.

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Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release November 15 exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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