Pokemon Sword and Shield Starter Evolution Leak Might Have Been Confirmed

Yesterday's 40-minute Nintendo Direct gave fans a look at a number of AAA and indie games coming to the Nintendo Switch throughout the remainder of 2019 including tentpole titles such as Luigi's Mansion 3, Animal Crossing, and Links AwakeningPokemon Sword and Shield was featured as one of the headlining games and it appears that the announcement of one brand new Pokemon might offer a lot more credibility to a leak that was posted online back in May.

Originally posted to 4Chan by an anonymous user in late May, the leak covered some major plot points and new systems for Pokemon Sword and Shield as well as descriptions for the evolutions of all three starter Pokemon. And so far a lot of the leaked information has seemingly come true including the announcement of Dynamaxing and Gigantamaxing, the new Camping system, and that Team Yell would be the new evil gang.

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During the latest Nintendo Direct, two brand new Pokemon were announced for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The first was a new Ghost-type Pokemon called Polteageist that hides in a teacup, and the second is a Flying/Water-type Pokemon called Cramorant that has the new special ability "Gulp-Missile," where the Pokemon will catch a fish in its mouth after using Surf or Dive, and spit the fish at its attacker after taking damage.

The announcement of Cramorant lines up perfectly with one of the points made in the leak, which stated: "The best Pokemon so far is the blue seagull who when it dives, either gets a barracuda in its mouth or a Pikachu, which it launches at its enemy." This latest bit of information comes just a couple of weeks after Game Freaks revealed that Pokemon Sword and Shield would feature a train system for traveling around the Galar Region, yet another point outlined in the May leak.

Of course, it's certainly possible that some of the information in the Pokemon Sword and Shield leak came from reputable sources whereas others may not have. However, with each Nintendo Direct, more of the leaked information is being confirmed as not only true but entirely accurate to the original post.

With the release of Pokemon Sword and Shield quickly approaching its November release date, we've compiled a complete guide to all of the Editions, Bundles and Pre-order bonuses available!

Pokemon Sword and Shield releases on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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