Which Pokemon Sword and Shield Fighters Might Be Coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Next?

With the first Fighters Pass for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, players have already begun speculating on who will fill the next lineup of characters coming to the game. Although, that does mean that fans would have to ignore the rush of Fighters Pass rumors long enough to start focusing on their own theories for the upcoming players.

One franchise in particular has been raising eyebrows for new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters, and with a recently released title, there is plenty of room for more Pokemon characters to enter the ring. While Pokemon Sword and Shield don't boast a full National Pokedex, there are a number of new Pokemon that would be prime candidates to join Smash Ultimate.

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Some new Pokemon from Sword and Shield have joined Smash Ultimate as spirits already, showing that Nintendo is planning on moving forward with integrating Pokemon further into Smash Ultimate. Along with spirits and fighters, Pokemon have also joined the Smash Bros. series in the form of the usable Pokeball item. However, when it comes to who is most likely to join the Smash Ultimate roster as a playable fighter from Sword and Shield, four Pokemon in particular stand out as some of the most likely contenders.


grapploct readying attack

A fighting-type Pokemon usually found swimming in the colder waters of the Galar Region in Sword and Shield, this suction-cupped boxer could make for an interesting addition to Smash Ultimate. Grapploct could become somewhat of a reimagining of Little Mac's boxing style, offering similar quick punches and powerful smashes. His pseudo water-typing can also introducing some of the water-type attacks that Grapploct has available in Sword and Shield to hopefully balance out some of the issues that arrive in Little Mac's current meta.

Essentially, Grapploct's abilities in Sword and Shield could give him some advantages at range, with abilities like Octazooka adding some depth to his moveset. This could also open the doors for more boxer type fighters to join in on the Smash Bros. series, such as Street Fighter's characters Balrog and Dudley. At the moment, Little Mac is unfortunately the only representation of this fighting style and his limited range and poor aerial combat has stuck him, and boxing as a whole, at the lower end of most tier lists.


sirfetch'd standing in arena

Farfetch'd is already one of the many Pokemon to become a spirit in Smash Ultimate, lending his abilities to players playing through the story and on the spirit board. However, the fan favorite Pokemon has never appeared yet as a playable fighter, or as a summon via the Pokeball item that can spawn in-game. The new Galarian evolution, Sirfetch'd, would then make a great addition to Smash Ultimate, thanks to an updated moveset over Farfetch'd as well as a unique weapon that has gone unrepresented in Smash Bros. until now.

Sirfetch'd's upgraded leek, and accompanying shield, act more as a spear in Sword and Shield than as a sword and more as a spear. Currently, the weapon wielding fighters in Smash Ultimate all tend to use either swords, guns, or in the case of King DeDeDe a hammer, but there currently aren't any spear users. As a fighter, Sirfetch'd could fill in this gap in available weaponry, basing its moveset around defending and countering with the shield as a well as prodding from a distance with the spear, possibly offering a hard counter to fighters that rely on overwhelming enemies with speed like Sonic and Meta Knight.

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gigantimaxed grimmsnarl raid

This dark/fairy-type Pokemon would make an intimidating combatant in the Smash Ultimate ring, boasting massive, false muscles that are really made out of its hair. Since Grimmsnarl's attacks are almost entirely physical, its moveset would balance well with the other melee specific fighters in Smash Bros., likely attacking slowly like Ganondorf or King K. Rool. This might make it a lower tier fighter unlike other new fighters that have joined the Super Smash roster recently, but the unique look of Grimmsnarl and its potential for a truly unique Final Smash could be reason enough to include the new Pokemon in Smash Ultimate.

Grimmsnarl's Final Smash potential comes from the fact that it is one of few Pokemon that can Gigantamax in Sword and Shield, a special type of Dynamax available to a short list of Pokemon. This means that Grimmsnarl would be one of the best ways to portray Dynamax into Smash Ultimate, preferably by having the Pokemon activate its Gigantimax form when initiating its Final Smash. Out of all of these potential combatants, this makes Grimmsnarl one of the most unique options for a showing in the Smash Bros. series.


cinderace using pyro ball

The final evolution of Scorbunny, Cinderace is likely the starter from Sword and Shield with the best chance of joining Smash Ultimate. Other starters have already joined the Smash Bros. roster, with Pokemon Trainer using the original three starters from Pokemon Red and Blue, as well as Greninja and Incineroar who are the final evolutions of the starter Pokemon Froakie from Pokemon X and Y and Litten from Pokemon Sun and Moon respectively. With that kind of representation for starter Pokemon, it would make sense if Nintendo wanted to help promote Sword and Shield by including one of the starters from the latest generation into Smash Ultimate.

As far as Cinderace's moveset goes, the Pokemon has a number of Fire and Fighting moves available to it in Sword and Shield, along with a fairly high base speed. This could result in Cinderace entering Smash Ultimate as a high speed fighter like his fellow starter evolution Greninja, but with a flair for fire as opposed to water. Additionally, Cinderace's signature attack, Pyro Ball, would make for a intense Final Smash, that could streak across the battlefield, tossing any fighters unfortunate enough to get caught by the fireball.

All of these options are of course speculation, but with rumors about which new character will be the final fighter added to the current Fighters Pass still circulating and allegedly confirming so many different characters, speculation is all fans have for Smash Ultimate at the moment.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is available now for Nintendo Switch

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now for Nintendo Switch

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