Pokemon Sword and Shield Poke Job Feature Detailed

poke jobs nintendo switch

A new Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer went up today and, despite only being a couple of minutes long, showed off quite a bit, including new Pokemon and characters to battle against. But Nintendo and The Pokemon Company have announced one other thing for the two games that wasn't featured in the trailer - Poke Jobs.

One problem some players have faced in previous games is that they tend to catch so many Pokemon and then never use a tonne of them, leaving them to sit and do nothing in the PC Boxes. Pokemon Sun and Moon had a feature where boxed Pokemon could visit the Poke Pelago and slowly gain experience, find treasure and grow Berries for their Trainer, and now Pokemon Sword and Shield will be including something very similar.

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In Pokemon Centers, players can find Rotomi - the games' versions of PC Boxes - where they can accept different Poke Jobs for their boxed Pokemon to attempt and complete. Each job will have specific requirements (like needing a certain amount of Pokemon) and completing them will earn those Pokemon experience so they can level up without needing to be added to the player's party. The experience they earn will depend on how long they work for and their typing.

poke jobs nintendo switch

According to the official website, any Pokemon will apparently be able to attempt any job given but certain Pokemon will be better equipped for some jobs than others, which will possibly result in improved experience. The site also states that, if players have their Pokemon work for a particularly long time or send a lot of them, they could come back with rare, bonus items, though it doesn't provide any examples as to what these items could be.

In other news, to celebrate the release of the two new games, London will be getting a Pokemon Center of its own in October, due to the Galar region being heavily inspired by the UK. It will have its own exclusive merchandise for sale, though it will only be open for a limited time.

Pokemon Sword and Shied will release exclusively for the Switch on November 15th.

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