Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct Announced

pokemon nintendo direct june 5 2019

Pokemon is preparing for E3 2019 in a big way, with The Pokemon Company today announcing two events leading up to the convention's June 11 start. First comes a Pokemon press conference on Tuesday, May 28, with an unclear focus. The second will be a brand new pre-E3 Nintendo Direct that's dedicated entirely to the Nintendo Switch exclusives Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield on June 5 at 6:00 am PT.

Given that it's confirmed to focus on Pokemon Sword and Shield, the June 5 Nintendo Direct will likely be the more interesting event of the two for the time being. Nintendo isn't providing any further information about the Nintendo Direct, but in the message announcing it, the company did refer to further details regarding the games' region.

Clearly, there's much left to be revealed about Pokemon Sword and Shield's UK-themed Galar region. What's been shared by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company so far includes a map and some brief gameplay touring certain nameless areas within the region. A Nintendo Direct could go much further by introducing the major cities of the region, the gym locations, as well as any differences between Galar and previous Pokemon game regions.

As for the mysterious Pokemon press conference, much is left to speculation. The event will air on May 28 at 6:00pm PT and Nintendo is promoting things as something to look forward to. As such, it's unlikely to be about a delay or something similar. Instead, it could be tied to new game announcements, news about existing games like Pokemon Go or Pokemon Let's Go, or some unexpected news.

pokemon 2019 press conference

When Nintendo and The Pokemon Company announced Pokemon Sword and Shield in late February, few expected the companies to go quiet in the months afterward. There's been a resounding silence on Nintendo's part, but that appears ready to end. Between the two upcoming Pokemon events, E3 2019 itself, and the confirmation that CoroCoro magazine will start releasing new Pokemon information this month, the Pokemon Sword and Shield news drought appears to be over.

Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield release later this year exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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