Pokemon Sword and Shield Evolution Lines Leaked

pokemon sword and shield evolution lines leaked

Pokemon Sword and Shield are still a couple of months away, and while Nintendo has revealed plenty about what fans can expect from the games, there's still quite a bit that's being kept secret. This includes many of the Pokemon Sword and Shield evolution lines, but more information on those have now been leaked thanks to the Japanese site for Dynamax Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield.

Dataminer abcboy101 discovered codenames for Pokemon Sword and Shield Pokemon in the Japanese site that seem to point to evolution lines. For example, the codename for Sobble is Chameleon1, and Grookey's codename is Gorilla1. This seems to indicate that Grookey will evolve into a gorilla, as some previous leaks and rumors have attested. Those same Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks claim Sobble will evolve into a spy-themed Pokemon named Intelleon, so the "chameleon" code name fits as well.

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Meanwhile, the leaked Pokemon Sword and Shield evolution line codenames potentially reveal some surprising details about certain Pokemon. For example, Alcremie is given the codename Gcream2. This implies that Alcremie is actually an evolved Pokemon, though we have yet to see what its first form would be. The haunted teapot Pokemon, Polteageist, is also suggested to be a second stage Pokemon as its codename is Teacup2. Presumably, its first form will be a teacup as its codename implies.

Something else interesting to note is that Corviknight is listed as Gcommondori3. The number "3" in the codename likely means that Corviknight is actually the third and final form of a Pokemon, as opposed to a standalone creature. This could mean that Corviknight and its evolution line is the regional bird Pokemon for the Galar region, similar to Pidgey was for the Kanto region.

While this does seem to be a legitimate leak for Pokemon Sword and Shield, though, we must always caution that fans should take the information with a grain of salt until official announcements are made. When that may be remains to be seen, but with Pokemon Sword and Shield releasing in November, one to has imagine that more information on what the games will entail will come sooner rather than later.

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively on the Nintendo Switch.

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