Pokemon Sword and Shield: All Leaks and Rumors

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Pokemon Sword and Shield were officially revealed last month, and since then, the Internet has been flooded with potential leaks and rumors about the upcoming games. Considering the sheer number of leaks and rumors that have surfaced about the games in such a short amount of time, some may have difficulty separating proven fakes and info that might actually be real.

To help keep things straight, here are all the leaks and rumors about Pokemon Sword and Shield so far.

6 Starter Evolutions

Whenever new starter Pokemon are revealed for a Pokemon game, fan-made evolution lines quickly make it online. Some of this fan art successfully mimics the art style of the actual Pokemon designers so well that they can be passed off as the genuine article, though they are often later proven to be fake.

So is the case with a number of starter evolutions for Pokemon Sword and Shield that have supposedly "leaked" since Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble were revealed to the world. Some of the more convincing leaked art appeared on 4chan, though similarities between it and the Ballio leaks from Pokemon Sun and Moon have led many to determine that the leaked evolutions are fake.

pokemon sword and shield sobble evolution leak
pokemon sword and shield scorbunny evolution leak
pokemon sword and shield grookey evolution leak

Another artist had created a mock-up for a potential Scorbunny evolution that showed the fire-type bunny Pokemon outfitted with rocket gear and armor. Some bought into this fake art as armor fits with the medieval theme of Pokemon Sword and Shield, though the artist has now stepped forward to confirm that it's not Scorbunny's real final evolution.

pokemon fake scorbunny evolution

In the months leading up to Pokemon Sword and Shield's release, fans should expect to see plenty of other fake evolution lines for the starter Pokemon. So until Nintendo officially unveils the starter Pokemon evolutions, fans should take any potential "leaks" with a grain of salt.

5 Armored Evolutions

pokemon the first movie armored mewtwo

Prior to the announcement of Pokemon Sword and Shield, a post was made on 4chan that accurately leaked the games' titles and their UK-inspired setting of the Galar region. Since some information in that initial post has proven to be accurate, it's now easier to believe its other claims, like the existence of Armored Evolutions.

Armored Evolutions will reportedly be a new type of evolution that gives some of the franchise's most popular Pokemon a new look, like Charizard and Mewtwo. Since the initial 4chan post, more evidence for Armored Evolutions has surfaced, as Nintendo has filed a trademark for Armored Mewtwo in Japan.

4 Legendary Pokemon

pokemon sword shield announcement

Whenever a new generation of Pokemon games are released, new legendary Pokemon are added to the lore as well, and Pokemon Sword and Shield should be no different. We've seen nothing official from Nintendo in regards to what the legendary Pokemon will be like in the game, but the same 4chan post that leaked the Armored Evolutions claims that one legendary will be a large metal snake, and the other will look like a wooden horse. Again, Nintendo has yet to confirm or deny anything about legendary Pokemon in Pokemon Sword and Shield so far, but since some of the other info in the 4chan post has been corroborated, it is a bit easier to believe than it would be otherwise.

3 Meltan's Role


The 4chan post that leaked the games' titles, region, and Armored Evolutions also claims that the mythical Pokemon Meltan will play an important role in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The post suggests that Meltan will somehow be involved with Armored Evolutions, but specifics are unavailable at this time.

2 Two Regions

pokemon galar region

Typically Pokemon regions are based on real world locations, and that's true for the UK-based Galar region in Pokemon Sword and Shield as well. Pokemon X and Y featured the Kalos region, which is based on France, and given the history between the UK and France, some have theorized that Pokemon Sword and Shield will actually feature both regions in the game. This theory stems from some lore that suggests a war took place between Galar and Kalos, and that Meltan is somehow tied to that conflict. It also points to railroad tracks in Kalos that seemingly go nowhere, which some have suggested could lead to Galar in the new games, and be how players travel between the two regions.

1 A New Bug Pokemon

pokemon sword shield bug leak

Out of all the Pokemon Sword and Shield leaks, this one definitely appears to be the most legitimate. A short video appeared showing a fully-animated, brand new bug-type Pokemon, as opposed to a simple piece of artwork that can be more easily faked. We don't know much about this bug-type Pokemon, but hopefully Nintendo offers more details sooner rather than later.

In the coming months, Pokemon Sword and Shield fans should be able to look forward to official news and information on the games, and it will be interesting to see which of these rumors/leaks are confirmed and which are debunked.

Pokemon Sword and Shield is in development exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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