How to Evolve Goomy into Goodra in Pokemon Sword and Shield

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In Pokemon Sword and Shield, trainers journey through Galar, encountering many new Pokemon that call the British-themed region home. But even in a new world, some old friends can help veteran trainers feel right at home. Generation 8 reintroduces many fan favorites from older regions with the same old evolution methods. Another one of these familiar faces is Goomy which eventually evolves into the fabulous Goodra.

Goomy was first introduced in Generation 6 as a native to the Kalos region. The dragon-type Pokemon evolves into Sliggoo through leveling and then a pseudo-legendary, Goodra, after leveling up in a certain weather condition. After reaching its final form, the Pokemon retains its single dragon-typing but gains massively increased base stats and access to powerful moves such as Aqua Tail and Outrage. In Pokemon Sword and Shield, Goomy will still evolve using the same method as previous generations. However, first trainers need to find Goomy which only spawns in specific weather at one location. Furthermore, the dragon Pokemon is version-exclusive to Pokemon Shield. Pokemon Sword trainers looking to acquire Goomy will need to trade for it with a Shield trainer. This guide will detail where to find Goomy and the steps afterwards to evolve it into Goodra.

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Where to Catch Goomy

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Goomy can only be found in the Wild Area, located in Lake of Outrage section to the northwest. Trainers will need to bike across the lake and head up the hill to find the area where Goomy can spawn. To find Goomy, the weather must be rainy and can be changed to it if necessary. After meeting these conditions, trainers will need to check the red exclamation points that appear in tall grass because Goomy will not spawn visibly in the Overworld. Note that Goomy has a 2-percent chance to be encountered and will range from Level 50-52. Trainers should prepare to check many random encounters and bring appropriate-level Pokemon once they run into Goomy.

Evolving into Sliggoo and Goodra

After catching Goomy, it will evolve into Sliggoo after being raised to Level 40. To evolve into Goodra, however, trainers will need to raise Sliggoo past Level 50 and level it up in rainy weather. Note that it has to be raining in the Overworld, so moves or abilities that change weather during battle won't have any effect on the evolution. The way Sliggoo levels up doesn't matter so trainers can have it battle or just feed it a rare candy. If all the requirements are met, players will obtain Goodra.

In the end, trainers in Pokemon Sword and Shield will find a variety of changes in the Galar region, but some things stay timeless.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are now out for the Nintendo Switch.

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