10 Generation VIII Pokémon That Are Copies Of Older Pokémon

Since the Pokémon franchise started back in the 1990s, there have been hundreds of Pokémon that have been introduced to fans. When Pokémon Sword and Shield are released, there will be over 800 Pokémon over eight generations. While a lot of the Pokémon are definitely really unique and unlike anything we've ever seen before, it's no surprise that the Pokémon creators have seemingly started to run out of ideas. Because of this, some of the Pokémon in Generation VIII look super familiar.

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As excited as we are for the new Pokémon game to hit the shelves, we can't deny that some of the new creatures that have been introduced look familiar. Some of these new Generation VIII Pokémon look a lot like copies of older Pokémon that we already know and love. To see 10 Generation VIII Pokémon that are copies of older Pokémon, keep reading!

10 Gossifleur

While most Pokémon look like animals, there are some more unique Pokémon that look like other things. Some look like flowers, food, or even household objects like keyrings. Some Pokémon definitely have some really strange designs! Looking like a flower is definitely not a new design for the Pokémon franchise, but Gossifleur looks oddly familiar.

From Gloom to Bellossom and Roselia, flower Pokémon have been in the franchise since the very start. Lilligant is a flower-esque Grass-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. The flower on top of Lilligant's head and the flowing leaves designed to look like hair bear an undeniable resemblance to Gossifleur, our newest flower Pokémon.

9 Sobble

Despite the fact that Pokémon Sword/Shield's release date is a way off, the Internet is already buzzing about the game. Many people have already decided which starter they're going to choose after they get to pop this game into their Switch for the first time! For many people, Sobble is the most appealing of the three starters. While we can't deny Sobble is adorable, this Pokémon looks pretty familiar.

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Generation III also gave Pokémon fans a Water-type starter with a blue body, large tail, and a fin on top of its head. Sobble may be a fan favorite among the Generation VIII starters, but that doesn't mean that this Pokémon doesn't have quite a resemblance to Mudkip.

8 Alcremie

Strange and unique Pokémon designs are definitely pretty standard for the franchise at this point. Considering they've designed several hundred creatures over the course of so many different games, we're not surprised that some of them have gotten a little strange. Alcremie is the latest in the line of unusual Pokémon and appears to be made of whipped cream with two strawberries. Delicious!

This Pokémon may be strange and interesting, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's totally unique. In Generation V, we were given another Pokémon with a deliciously creamy design. Vanillite is a Pokémon that was designed to look like an ice cream cone with a swirly top on its head, just like this new Pokémon.

7 Drednaw

Drednaw is a Generation VIII Pokémon that actually looks fairly similar to a couple different Pokémon from past generations. Drednaw is a Pokémon designed to look like a huge tortoise with spiny rocks coming off of its body. Considering this Pokémon is a dual-type Water/Rock Pokémon, that design is pretty fitting.

This Pokémon is one that looks like a couple of other tortoise and turtle Pokémon, but most notably Torterra. Although these Pokémon aren't identical to one another, it's hard to deny that the details on the head and shell of Drednaw look pretty similar to those on Torterra.

6 Grookey

Another totally awesome starter from the upcoming generation of Pokémon is Grookey. This little chimp is a Grass-type Pokémon and is one of the three starters in the Galar region. Grookey may be different from the other two starters in Generation VIII, but this Pokémon isn't entirely unique.

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Grookey looks super similar to another chimp starter Pokémon. Chimchar is a starter Pokémon that was introduced in Generation IV. Although they're two different types, these two chimps look super similar. One of the biggest similarities is the tuft of fur they have on their heads. Chimchar's looks similar to a flame, while Grookey's looks like two leaves. They may be different, but the fact that they each represent the Pokémon's type is a familiar detail.

5 Yamper

Even though the new game isn't out yet, this Pokémon is one that has already captured the hearts of so many fans. Yamper is a Pokémon that looks just like a corgi, with a round, yellow pillow around its neck. Even though there aren't a lot of details out there about this Pokémon just yet, many fans are excited to get a dog-like Pokémon in their party.

Yamper isn't the only dog Pokémon out there. On top of that, Yamper isn't the only dog Pokémon to have something around its neck as part of its design. Rockruff is a Pokémon that was introduced in Generation VII and looks like a puppy, just like Yamper. Rockruff's design also involves something around its neck. For Rockruff, it's tufts of fur and a row of sharp rocks instead of a pillowy mass, though.

4 Wooloo

Wooloo is a sheep Pokémon that was introduced with Generation VIII, which definitely has Pokémon fans around the world wanting to touch this fluffy new Pokémon's fur. The round and fluffy design of this sheep Pokémon definitely looks similar to a couple different Pokémon that were previously introduced.

One of the most obvious connections is to Mareep, another sheep Pokémon that was introduced during Generation II. Considering they're both sheep, they're bound to look similar, but another Pokémon that Wooloo looks super similar to is Cottonee. Cottonee is a cotton ball Pokémon that has a fluffy, round body like Wooloo's, and two leaves that poke out similarly to Wooloo's.

3 Duraludon

Duraludon is a dual-type Steel/Dragon Pokémon that was introduced as one of the new Pokémon in Generation VIII. Duraludon looks totally tough and awesome. It's definitely one that many players will be looking forward to adding to their collection. It also looks oddly familiar.

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The design of this Pokémon looks super similar to a Rock-type Pokémon that was introduced in Generation V. Duraludon's design with its wide, solid body and tower-like head look super similar to Gigalith. The only real difference is the fact that Gigalith has rocky spikes poking out all over its body. Remove those and we basically have Duraludon.

2 Rolycoly

Rolycoly is a Rock-type Pokémon that was introduced as part of the new generation of Pokémon for Pokémon Sword/Shield. True to its type, this Pokémon is covered in hard, lumpy rocks all over its round body. Although this is a new Pokémon, it definitely looks familiar.

This Pokémon looks really similar to Graveler, a Pokémon that was first introduced in Generation I of the Pokémon franchise. If Rolycoly had arms and legs, it would basically be a darker version of Golem, with its rock-covered body and super angular eye.

1 Scorbunny

The last new starter from the Galar region is Scorbunny. Scorbunny is a rabbit Pokémon and the Fire-type starter for Generation VIII of the Pokémon franchise. There are multiple rabbit Pokémon that appear in the franchise aside from Scorbunny, but there's another that Scorbunny looks especially similar to.

In much of the promotional material for Pokémon Sword/Shield, Scorbunny is seen jumping into the air and kicking one leg out. This pose is super similar to one that Plusle, a Generation III Pokémon often strikes. But their poses aren't the only similarities! Scorbunny and Plusle also share large ears that have a different color than their bodies and colorful details on their faces.

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