Pokemon Sword and Shield Fans Think Galarian Weezing Looks Like A Bong

pokemon sword shield weezing bong

Today, Pokemon Sword and Shield developer Game Freak pulled back the curtain back surrounding Galarian Forms, a new form of old Pokemon due to the new region. These operate in a manner similar to Sun and Moon's Alolan forms, with Galarian Weezing, Galarian Zigzagoon, Galarian Linoone (which now has a new evolution called Obstagoon), all being revealed today. And while these new forms are impressive enough, many are quite curious about the Galarian Weezing form.

Galarian Weezing looks quite different from its standard form, with the main color shifting from purple to black, the green smog forming pseudo-facial hair, and massive towers appearing on the top of the two Weezing heads, perhaps as a form of top hat. It even changes types from a pure Poison-type to a dual Poison/Fairy-type. What is exactly catching the eye of Pokemon Sword and Shield fans is how the two towers make Galarian Weezing look more like a bong.

Of course, this probably wasn't the intent of Game Freak's design, with the towers likely meant to represent Smoke Stacks often associated with factories, manufacturers, and power plants. It would certainly fit the bill, representing this form change really well, but unfortunately, that's not how many are seeing it. As aforementioned, many look at Pokemon Sword and Shield's new Galarian Weezing and see a bong.

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pokemon sword and shield trailer reveals galarian pokemon

It's humorous, for sure, and definitely too late for a design change, meaning Galarian Weezing is likely going to be known as a bong Weezing for some time. The jokes and the memes will likely come and go, as the design won't distract many from the Pokemon Sword and Shield experience nonetheless. Other than the new Pokemon, the reveal also showcased the rivals, antagonists Team Yell, and the new PokeJob feature.

With only a couple of months to go prior to Pokemon Sword and Shield's launch, it seems likely more Pokemon, Galarian forms, and other information will start coming in at a quicker pace, so be sure to stay tuned, trainers!

Pokemon Sword and Shield launches on November 15, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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