Pokemon Sword and Shield: Galarian Rapidash is a Real Mystery

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Pokemon Sword and Shield recently held a 24-hour livestream that was mostly unremarkable, at least until the very end. In this stream, fans of the franchise got a glimpse of Galarian Ponyta with new details about the region exclusive form emerging days after that. It was revealed to be a shocking pure Psychic-type, to be exclusive to Pokemon Shield, and has one of two abilities.

The Galarian Ponyta is now classified as the Unique Horn Pokemon, as opposed to the Kantonian Ponyta that was known as the Fire Horse Pokemon. Its first ability is a basic one: Run Away, which makes it easier to escape wild battles in Pokemon Sword and Shield. The second is more eye-catching, and it's called Pastel Veil. This ability prevents Galarian Ponyta and its allies from being poisoned, and it can even heal a poisoned ally that is swapped in during a Double Battle.

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However, despite everything thus far shown about Galarian Ponyta, nothing has been confirmed or even teased about Galarian Rapidash, adding a mysterious allure to the Pokemon. On the other hand, others are slightly worried about this as well, especially given the fact that the Pokemon Sword exclusive SirFetch'd presumably evolves from its standard FarFetch'd form. Here's the current thinking about what's going on with Galarian Rapidash.

Galarian Rapidash Type

Many Pokemon fans were surprised when Galarian Ponyta turned out to be a Psychic-type, but that idea soon gained traction in conjecture for Galarian Rapidash. Assuming that it gains a Fairy-type when it evolves, a Psychic/Fairy-type Pokemon with Pastel Veil seems like it would be a powerhouse. Fans have even gone out of their way to create personal image images (such as that below by Redditor gmendezm) to showcase this form.

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galarian rapidash

Other popular theories are Psychic/Flying in hopes that Galarian Rapidash has a Pegasus-like aethestic, which seems realistic enough, or others that don't have much of a current basis such as Psychic/Water. Many still cling to the Fairy theory because most Pokemon in the aforementioned livestream were of that type, which was clearly wrong about Ponyta, so time will only tell.

Does Galarian Rapidash Exist?

This is where it gets a little muddied. Some Pokemon Sword and Shield fans have theorized that Galarian Rapidash doesn't really exist, and Galarian Ponyta is all there is in a My Little Pony way. This isn't entirely without merit, either. For example, it's worth noting that a Kantonian FarFetch'd can evolve into SirFetch'd in the Galar region, but not elsewhere. It stands to reason, then, that there would be Galarian Pokemon that couldn't evolve into a previous Kantonian form.

Another similar case to this is that Galarian Zigzagoon and Linoone can evolve into Obstagoon, but this isn't the case elsewhere. The reverse could reasonably happen, and Galarian Ponyta could be its own thing -- without evolution. On the other hand, that would also mean that it's logical that Galarian Ponyta could evolve into something that isn't Rapidash. If that's the case, the possibilities are endless.

Whatever becomes of Galarian Rapidash is entirely up to the game's developers at the moment, but for many, it could be a deciding factor of whether or not to catch and use Galarian Ponyta in Pokemon Shield, given that it will have roughly 500 Pokemon for players to choose from.

Pokemon Sword and Shield release November 15 exclusively on Nintendo Switch.

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